Wunderlist vs Evernote vs Google Keep

Jotting down your ideas while on the go is an important part of maintaining your flow of ideas from one day to the next. There’s a plethora of apps out there for making notes on your phone. It’s not all about Google Keep: you need to consider Wunderlist vs Evernote as well.

Evernote vs Wunderlist: Pros and Cons

One side of this epic three-way battle is the ever important fight of Evernote vs Wunderlist. Each of these apps has distinct features and thus some pretty individual pros and cons associated with them. Lets take a look. The most significant upside of using Evernote is that you can make notes using all kinds of formats, including photos and voice recordings. This is something that Wunderlist simply doesn’t offer as it is more of a to-do list maker than it is a true note taking app. Sharing is the best part about Wunderlist, and it couldn’t be simpler. You just enter the recipient’s email address or app username and you’re done. They can edit your lists and tick completed tasks, or you can set it to read-only mode. What’s more, you can sync your lists to all of your devices with zero hassle. Overall, Evernote is much more versatile and thus more useful for business purposes. However, Wunderlist is fantastic for your domestic and social life.

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How Does Google Keep Compare?

It’s not all about Wunderlist. Consider Evernote vs Google Keep if you want to choose the best of the three. Google’s benefit lies in its simplicity, and its products couldn’t be much easier to use. Whereas Evernote takes some time to get used to, Google Keep is straight to the point and lets you get started without any trouble. Google Keep lets you take photos as part of your note keeping just like Evernote, except that it’s faster and synchronizes your files to your other Google services right away. The downside is that Google Keep is nowhere near as compatible with third party apps as Evernote is, leaving you stuck with their own products to work with. Evernote’s complexity is really a positive thing once you learn how to use it. If you want to include a web page as part of your notes, it’ll scan and rip the text from any article in full. Google keep will only provide you with the relevant link. When you place Evernote vs Google Keep, the result is clear. For straightforward, simple and easy note-taking, Google is king. For in-depth, complex notes, Evernote is the one for you.

Now let’s look at each app in more details.


wunderlist vs evernote

Evernote is known as one of the best organizational apps out there. And it definitely lives up to its title most of the time. With available both desktop and mobile versions, it allows you to keep track of your tasks and ideas at any time anywhere. But as with every other app, it’s still not perfect and has a few flaws. Learn more in our Evernote review.


  • The storage capacity of 10 GB is more than enough to fit all your notes and plans.
  • Works offline, without the Internet connection, which is a big plus.
  • Available on any device.
  • Clean and minimalistic design.


  • Can be a bit hard getting used to the interface and actually learning how and what you can do with the app.
  • It is limited to 3 devices on a free plan and there are features that you have pay for.


evernote vs wunderlist

This app is a perfect choice for a to-do lists management. You can create and share to-do or shopping lists in no time and a free version has pretty much everything you might need. It works very well for small businesses (1-20 employees) with simple tasks that do not require workflow and triggering. Learn more in our Wunderlist review.


  • Easy to use Reminder System that is effective at keeping you up to date with what needs to be done.
  • You can add anything from anywhere using email, typing out your tasks, or generating them from webpages/inbox etc.
  • It also now has a 3D touch peek, quick actions and pops for your better convenience using your iPhone 6s.
  • Supports collaboration with a good selection of desktop and mobile apps.


  • Inability to create projects or automated tasks directly within the app itself, however, this can be achieved by using integrations with Zapier etc or using other tools to talk to Wunderlist and create the tasks for you.
  • The app Wunderlist is quite heavy with its 54.2 MB file size, so make sure you have enough free space left before you click the button “Get”.
  • No location-based reminders.
  • No integration with Google Drive.

Google Keep

evernote vs google keep
This one may not be as popular as two others but it still does its main job, which is to create notes and checklists. And it does the job well.


  • You can create notes, checklists, labels, record voice messages and basically all the things a standard note keeping app should be able to do.
  • There is an offline mode available. You can create the notes and sync them later.
  • Simple and easy to use interface.
  • Responsive to both desktop and mobile devices.


  • It has pretty limited features which is why it doesn’t really stand up against many others of such kind.
  • You can’t arrange your notes in one particular notebook.
  • You can’t attach any media files to your note.
  • No location-based tagging is available.

Where Does GNotes Fit into All of This?

If you’re an Android user, the truth of which is the best app for keeping notes out of GNotes vs Evernote is of particular significance to you. If you need to jot a quick note down and get it out there to your colleagues or friends, GNotes lets you do this painlessly and efficiently. It’s intimately linked to your Gmail account, which makes sharing your notes as simple as attaching them to an email. Evernote and GNotes are diametrically opposed in terms of their stated aims, with Evernote going for deep, carefully considered and versatile note taking, whereas GNotes focuses on just getting your thoughts out there on the page. Frankly, you could use both for different purposes as and when it’s convenient for you.


Consider the findings of GNotes vs Evernote carefully when you make your choice of note taking app. Choose the best app for keeping notes in your unique style. Whichever you think comes out on top out of Wunderlist vs Evernote, don’t forget to consider Google’s offering as well. This is especially true if you’re an Android fan. The right app for you is really a personal choice, so consider the results of this battle before you make a decision.

Perhaps the results of Wunderlist vs Evernote were a foregone conclusion, or maybe not. You can download your favorite right now and see for yourself!

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