Wrike app is an award winning software for online project management that gives you the chance to work easier, more efficient and faster with distributed and co-located groups. The fact is that it won an award in the year 2015 as best finances online project management system. The flexibility of the app allows multifunctional groups to work together and to complete things easier in one place. With it, they can prioritize, track and schedule work as well as progress in real time by few clicks of their mouse.

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Wrike has magnificent information management and business collaboration features that will level up your business. Some of the benefits of the app, includes user friendly navigation making things easy for teams to work, great security measures ensuring authorized persons can only access files and other information and has mobile apps allowing to monitor and track progress anytime and anywhere you are. Read more in this Wrike review.

Wrike App Pros

Knowing the pros and cons of Wrike is important so that you will know what to expect on it the time you download the app.

  • Quick set up
  • Has time tracking
  • Supports numerous projects
  • Has customizable reports and dashboards
  • Gives documentation for people that is working with APIs

Wrike App Cons

  • Lack some features
  • Expensive
  • Interface is occasionally counter intuitive

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Who Should Use the App?

For businesses that needs collaboration and project management tool, then Write is what they are looking for. It gives many ways in integrating with other services and apps. Online, there are many project management software reviews that you can read and if you are curious on what Wrike is all about, you can check some reviews about it. It is your help to decide if it is good for you or not. There are many things that you will know about the app that will help you to decide.

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