There are many ways to build a website that looks slick and professional, especially if you’re familiar with the latest developments in HTML, CSS and all the other web-specific languages. If you’re not one of these people, then you could do much worse than choose WordPress as a platform for your website. You can use ready-made themes that are perfect for all your requirements, but what if you want to turn your website into a WordPress mobile app? To maximize your brand exposure, you really need to get a mobile app up and running so that your customers and clients can access your content while they’re on the move.

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Why Can’t I Just Click “Create App from WordPress?”

There’s no magic button that you can press to make your website into an optimally designed website for mobile devices. However, there are plenty of tips and tricks to make the most of the features unique to smartphones and tablets. One of the most important first steps involves choosing a WordPress mobile app theme that suits your website’s overall feel and purpose. Check out the tips and hints below to make sure you start off on the right foot.

If you take a look at even one of the ideas mentioned here, you’ll find out that there’s much more to making a cool mobile app than clicking on some kind of “create app from WordPress” button. Soon you’ll have the tools at your disposal to make the most of your website and boost your brand exposure to the next level. Getting the best WordPress mobile app to suit your website is only a couple of steps away when you employ a few of these crafty tips.

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Getting the best WordPress mobile app to suit your website is only a couple of steps away when you employ a few of these crafty tips.

  • First Things First. Your primary objective is to make a mobile version of your site in the form of an app, so you must ensure that your site has already been optimized for mobiles. You can use simple plugins like WPTouch to create basic but perfectly serviceable mobile content. Most parts of it can be altered without any need to resort to coding changes. Each mobile operating system differs from one another, some subtly and some drastically. Regardless, you want to make sure that your site content is displayed seamlessly as part of a native app. You can use a basic plugin like Any Mobile Theme Switcher to change the theme and interface of your app or mobile site depending on the user’s phone type. If you don’t want to stray too far away from own-brand WordPress functions, then try their Mobile Pack. It contains enough meat to help you set up a decent user interface for multiple platforms and it can be integrated with data tools like Google Analytics.
  • Employ an Advanced Plugin. The simplest way to turn your site into an app is by using a plugin-based tool like AppPresser. It uses themes and all the usual plugins you’d expect from a standard WordPress developer, letting you stay in complete control at all times. This is especially useful if you’re somewhat familiar with the technical aspects of coding apps from websites. If you’re a bit of a novice when it comes to coding, then the same guys who developed the above tool have come up with something for the average site owner. Get a free trial and use Reactor to convert your WordPress site into a smooth mobile experience. Yet another way of making your site grow wheels and go mobile is Mobapper. All you have to do is install their plugin on your site and you’re ready to go. It’ll convert all of your updates automatically to fit mobiles devices including Blackberry as well as the usual suspects of Android and iPhone.
  • Use an App Builder. If you’re on a limited budget and have little to no coding experience, you can use an app builder program for a simple and straightforward solution. Most such programs have a degree of WordPress support, so you would do well to take a look at something like Mobile Roadie or Good Barber. The best way to build an app involves the optimal use of the features providing by any given operating system. Use MobiLoud to build apps natively, giving you access to ways of making in-app purchases, ad displays and notifications. You’ll get all this alongside the usual WordPress features you’re used to.
  • Hybridize Your App. Usually, you have to use a number of web scripts like HTML, CSS and JavaScript to get your site ready for mobile use. Make sure your hybrid app will work on any mobile platform by tying it together with PhoneGap for easy access to all the native features you need for each operating system.
  • Finishing Touches. Once everything has been set up to your satisfaction, you’ll need to apply the finishing touches that make a proper mobile app. Design a logo and turn it into the perfect icon with Icon Maker from IconsFlow.

With these hints and tips, you probably think the idea of a one-size-fits-all “create app from WordPress” button is absurd, and you’d be right. There’s nothing better than customizing anything and everything you want in order to make the best mobile app for your site. You’re sure to get a bunch of new visitors when you unhook your website from the plug socket and go mobile.

Make sure you pick and choose from the handy tips and hints above to get the WordPress mobile app you deserve to have for your business.