Wordbook app has many features that you want to try. Some of it includes professional recorded pronunciation, word origin details, built in spell checker, note management and user’s bookmark. Wordbook is quick, intuitive and comprehensive dictionary of English language. It is a good combination of fast intuitive and comprehensive contents interface.

  • wordbook app

Wordbook apk has magnificent features that you love. It has 150,000 entries having over 22,000 definitions, spoken pronunciations for all entries, unmatched wildcard, and index as well as search capabilities. The app was updated last May 21, 2015 and available in English language.

If you want to have the app, then knowing the pros and cons of it is essential. Aside from having great features, of course you also need to be aware on what is the good and the bas side of the app so that you will not be disappointed on what you get the time you install it.

WordBook App Pros

  • Can be use both at home and work
  • Perfect for students, teachers and other professionals
  • Solid app
  • Easy to use

WordBook App Cons

  • Not free
  • Limited when there is no phone connection
  • Users do not know the correct spelling of word they are finding

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Who Should Use the App?

Everyone can use Wordbook online app. It will surely benefit them because there are many things that they will know about it. Students, teachers, businesses, office workers and others can download the app in their cell phone. It is a magnificent app that will help you to know more words and definitions. If you still want to know more details, then you can search the internet. There are many details about the app that you can find and you can check out some reviews if you want too.

Download WordBook App and see how it works!