Winter Friend is a new app for ski tracks helping people locating Facebook friends on ski resort, alarm in case of emergency and track your routes. With the locate friends app, it helps you in navigating slopes as well as to avoid to be lost. You can easily check out the map and see where you relatives and friends are. You can also send alarm if you want because the app sends notifications to your family members and friends whenever you need a help. The app will alert you to ensure that you will not miss any call. Even if your relatives or friends go offline, they make sure that you will be given their recent location so that you can find them as much as possible.

  • winterfriend

To check the full list features of the app, here it is!

  • See your friends in real time
  • Login in your Facebook account easily
  • Receive or send SOS with your exact location
  • Check details about ski resorts as well as their slopes
  • Work with some mobile network operators

It started in 2001 and Annie Choi is the person who leads the team.

WinterFriend Pros

  • It is easy to use
  • Very convenient for all users
  • Easily know the location of your family relatives or peers

WinterFriend Cons

  • The app requires internet connection
  • If you continue use the GPS in your background, it will decrease your device battery life
  • It requires Facebook account to use
  • To use the app, you need to install it on your tablet or Smartphone

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Who Should Use the App?

The ski tracking app is perfect for people using tablet and Smartphone because they can install it. They can start to use their GPS to know where the location of the person they are looking for.

Download and install Winterfriend today!