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Wimdu is based on peer to peer property rental and it is a web based platform advertising properties on internet. It serves as middle point in connecting hosts and travelers in more than 2000 cities around the world. In 2011, it was founded by Hinrich Dreiling and Arne Bleckwenn. In the year 2014, platform of Wimdu included 39 domains that are different and has more than 300,000 properties in over 140 countries.

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Wimdu Review Pros

  • Wimdu app is offering lots of interesting areas that you can work in
  • It is an interesting industry having good growth potential
  • It has operations in lots of countries
  • It is backed up by the Rocket Internet
  • Wimdu has the great teams that are young, competent and broad
  • It has a relaxed working place
  • Great wages
  • There are numerous rooms that you can have for your own ideas and projects
  • Good team of cool colleagues
  • Managements is recognizing talent as well as allowing self development
  • There are opportunities in generating own ideas
  • Good IT set up

Wimdu Reviews Cons

  • The management seems to be less serious and professional
  • Management has no clear plan in achieving success wherein everybody is just doing meetings
  • Much focus on the little details such as behavioral organization and A/B testing
  • It lacks structure because there is not much company culture and their vision is a little bit blurry
  • No feedback

Who Should Use the App?

If you are business person or who have company and you want to advertise some properties, you can use the app. It will help you to know more people and to interact with them. Wimdu travel app will let you to get what you want. If you want to travel and connect with others, the app is a good choice. They have lots of users and if you want to try how effective it is, you can use the app and see what it gives to you.

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