When I Work Employee Scheduling Review

If your staff members are working all over the place, it’s difficult to keep track of who’s doing what and where they’re doing it. When I Work employee scheduling lets you manage different work locations and keep an eye on the progress of your business while it’s on the move. That’s why it’s proved to be one of the best apps for startups.

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Is This the Best Business Schedule App?

It might just be the best business schedule app if you need to make a schedule for employees who are paid by the hour.

  • It’s difficult to maintain an awareness of exactly how long your hourly staff has been working for and this app lets you quickly get up and running.
  • It’s rather simple to scale your operations up and down without any hassle.
  • The pricing plans are affordable and worth going for as your scheduling accuracy will make you a good employer and also make sure you don’t pay out more than is due.

The Bad Side

  • The major issue with this app is that there isn’t a version you can use on each of your premises. This makes things a little difficult as everything has to be centrally controlled.
  • Another problem is that the app isn’t designed to help you create a schedule for employees who are paid a salary.

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Overall, When I Work employee scheduling is easy and well integrated with various payroll providers, making it a good choice for when you need to make sure your workers are getting paid appropriately for being in the right place and the right time.

When I Work employee scheduling is pretty good at doing most of what you’d expect from such an app. Download it now and start your free 30-day trial.