WhatTheFont app is great because you can use it on poster, magazine ad or web. By using your phone, you can choose the font that you want. It has instant gratification that is perfect for you. In fact, it exists for 12 years and it works via mobile phone network or Wifi.

  • whatthefont app

Some of the best features of the app is that is has snap a photo feature, you can saved photos in the photo library, it has image processing and you can send email summaries. What is new in the version is that it has minor enhancements, which include fixed iOS 5 crashing, missing button bar, real progress bar during image upload, high resolution for graphics and streamlined character selection. With all these benefits, you might not have to look for a WhatTheFont alternative.

WhatTheFont App Pros

  • The app do what is days
  • The app is a great solution in looking for certain fonts that you want
  • Does a good in identifying font or its similar font
  • Free to use

WhatTheFont App Cons

  • The app works like advertised
  • It has a hard time to recognized fonts

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Who Should Use the App?

If you are fond with different fonts, you can use the app. It is easy to use aside from the fact that it is free. Users will not have a hard time using it because it has been updated and improved. Some of the minor issues are fixed and you will not be disappointed with the result again. The app definitely works to give what you need. WhatTheFont is a good choice because you have many options to choose from. It is free and easy to use. Even though there are issues in most cases, it is being improved and fixed by the developers. Try to install it and see what it can give to you. Begin checking out what the app has that will satisfy you.

Download and install What the Font today!