whatsapp review

Offered and developed by WhatsApp Inc., this one continues to be atop the list of the best and free text message app, especially after the most recent updates launched last February 11, 2016. Many of its users have expressed different opinions regarding the effectiveness of the app when it comes to communicating with their friends or family. Now, let’s go ahead and look into this WhatsApp review.

  • whatsapp review

WhatsApp Pros

WhatsApp App ProsThe most interesting feature regarding the WhatsApp messenger app is that it is now backed up with Google Drive. Users can now back up and save their media and chats right into it. This means that they can easily restore or load those even if they lose their phones or upgrade into a new Android device.

WhatsApp App ProsThe WhatsApp application now enables its users to mark chats with a star just like how they bookmark their most favorite webpage. This makes them browse messages that are starred easily by clicking on the chats tab, followed by menu and then selecting starred messages.

WhatsApp App ProsUsers who want to switch into these messaging applications would really find it useful. WhatsApp enables its users to receive and send messages, calls, videos, voice messages and photos just by having an internet connection.

WhatsApp Cons

WhatsApp App ConsThe only thing that reviews and experts have to say about or recommend to its developers is to make a version of it that does not just rely on the user’s internet connection. Some have expressed the willingness to go for a subscription option just like signing up for a mobile data plan.

Who Should Use WhatsApp?

For those who search for free Android apps 2016 and wish to have really good messaging apps, WhatsApp is definitely one of the better choices that one has. Teens and adults who wish to communicate with friends or family can certainly take advantage of it. Now, why don’t you and install the app on your mobile phones so that you can experience it for yourself?