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Spectacular Apple iPhone 7

The release of Apples new iPhone always involves plenty of speculation and rumors beforehand that range from the date of release through the latest features that will be included. Looking at the release dates of previous iPhones allows us to make a fairly reliable estimate for the iPhone 7 release date. Based on past history this would put the release date for the Apple iPhone 7 sometime in September 2016, only 7 short months away. What will be new in the iPhone 7? This time iPhone 7 is launched on the marked almost at the same time as pixel mobile phone from Google. At this point nothing is certain but by sifting through the rumors we can develop some ideas.

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iPhone 7 features and specs that may be changed or added to the newest release of the iPhone

  • Eye-tracking technology: As the iPhone 7 is a full upgrade at least one completely new feature is expected. Rumor suggests that this new feature could involve eye-tracking technology. According to IBTimes, Apple was recently granted a patent for “a computer system with a display and a gaze detection device”. Details of the patent point to a smartphone that will wait until you’ve seen certain notifications before removing them from a lockscreen and only switch on if you’re looking at the device. The patent states the system would use the iPhone’s accelerometer and front-facing camera in combination to know when it’s being used. Should it be introduced it would make the user experience more intuitive and improve battery life. It is not too far-fetched as Samsung has included eye-tracking technology in Galaxy handsets since 2013.
  • Battery: There is a rumor that the iPhone 7 smartphone will include a 3,100mAh battery which would be 12.7% larger than the one in the last iPhone model. This would address one of the biggest complaints about the iPhone. There is a rumor that the iPhone 7 smartphone will include a 3,100mAh battery which would be 12.7% larger than the one in the last iPhone model. This would address one of the biggest complaints about the iPhone as it is well known that Apples batteries are not so powerful as for example Pixel`s. To compare Google Pixel XL has a battery of 3,450mAh that is significantly larger than the iPhone’s 2,900mAh.
  • Display change: New rumors suggest the iPhone 7 will use OLED displays as opposed to the IPS LCD panels it currently uses. The Apple Watch uses a small OLED display and it’s one of the most praised elements of the wearable.
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  • Processor changes: Apple currently uses TSMC and Samsung to make the iPhone 6s’ processors, but reports suggest the company will drop Samsung for the iPhone 7’s A10 chip because TSMC’s new InFO technology could allow Apple to create a smaller, thinner handset.
  • Increased memory: The next iPhone will come with 3GB of RAM according to a report from TrendForce. The iPhone 6s has 2GB of RAM, while the iPhone 6 used 1GB of RAM.
  • Replace the headphone jack with an additional speaker: Rumor has it that Apple will be replacing the iPhone 7’s headphone jack with a speaker for stereo sound. Based on a memo obtained by AppleInsider an additional speaker will be added to the iPhone7 using an amp made by Cirrus Logic.
  • Dual camera system: The iPhone 7 could have two cameras on the back if new reports are correct. Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI securities the iPhone 7 suggests that the next iPhone will use a dual-camera system with an optical zoom and 2-3x magnification. Linx, a company acquired by Apple, is reportedly providing the multi-camera technology.
  • Waterproofing: Rumors suggest that the next iPhone will be waterproof. Apple has filed patents for ports that eject water and for connections that self-heal which solves one of the biggest challenges of waterproofing a phone.
  • Li-Fi capabilities: Some information indicates Apple will include Li-Fi internet capabilities in the iPhone 7. Li-Fi transmits information in a binary fashion using light and is 100 times faster than normal Wi-Fi. Code found in iOS 9.1 refers to the new technology and has been confirmed by AppleInsider.
  • Ceramic backs: Apple could be using ceramic materials on the back of the iPhone 7 according to a report by Business Korea. The source for the rumor appears to be just a prediction but providing a ceramic finish would make the iPhone 7 more stylish.
  • Sleeker look: The new iPhone’s rear camera should be flush to the rest of its body and the plastic bands that form the rear antenna lines on the rear of the handset will be removed according to a report by Mac Rumors. This would make the iPhone 7 more refined looking and visually appealing.

We will have to wait for the actual release to know which rumors prove true. In the meantime speculation about what’s new in the iPhone 7 will continue.

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