week menu app review

Week menu app review is your best help to know enough information about the app. If you install the app, it will guide you when it comes to cook planning and you will be provided with planned week having neat dashboard that will show added dinners for every day.

  • week menu app review

Meal Planner Pros

  • The good thing with the Week Menu app is that it allows you to share recipes by Facebook, email, message or printer. It gives chance to its members to share their weekly menu through email.
  • Another thing that you will like about the app is that it will fix the bug through sharing the weekly menu. Also, you have the chance to see the planned week you have in its neat dashboard that will show some of the added dinners.
  • The app is not locked to particular page or specific source of recipes
  • Week Menu will help you in planning what you will cook for the week, to check previous weeks about what you planned or to plan for coming weeks. The app gives you the chance to make your own recipe book with your favorite recipes.
  • Week Menu allows you to collect recipes in just one place and to add recipes by text, taking photo or URL
  • Members will be given dinner suggestions that are randomize that is based on the main ingredient
  • Can check the recipes in full screen for perfect cooking while cooking
  • It allows users to add notes
  • Week menu planner app is available in different languages

Note: Everything you have can be stored in the Week Menu

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Week Menu App Cons

  • It is a little bit hard to know all the features

Who Should Use the App?

If you want to cook for your grandmother or family, you can use the Week Menu app because it was designed for everyone who loves to cook and who wants to plan for their meal. It will let you to store your favorite recipes and to share it to other people

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