uber app review

Uber is your best help to easily get a taxi. In just one tap, the care will come to you. Uber taxi app will make riding easy and the driver exactly know where he will go. You will set the location and your ride. Uber helps you to hail a cab without much waiting.

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Uber App Review Pros

  • Ultimate flexibility: The tap you choose the driver and enter all the details, the driver will know where to go. The application or phone can be turned on anytime and it can be turned off easily. Driver can create schedule on fly.
  • Social interaction: By using the Uber taxi service, you will interact with other people. You get the chance to meet new people that you can deal with. There will be a good social interaction for the drivers and for the one who hail a cab.
  • Easy to use: The Uber app is easy to use and you can easily know how to use it. Being one of the best Android apps 2016, it is easy to follow and does not require that you should completely understand the set up. There are instructions that you can follow and will be your guide on how to use the app.
  • Reasonable price: If you are worry about the price of getting a taxi, you should not because it is reasonable.

Uber App Cons

Downtime: There is a time that there will be downtime of the system and the passenger needs to wait in requesting a ride. For people who are rushing, they will have a problem, especially if downtime will occur because they need to wait for a certain time before it will be fix or go back to normal.

Who Should Use the App?

If you always travel and want to be late, you can use the app. It is good for everyone who wants to hire a taxi using their cell phone at reasonable price. If you want to hire a cab or get a taxi service, Uber app is your one stop solution.

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