Typography app allows users to send message to their friends. Because of the increasing photo pool as well as the query of images to display randomly, visual appearance of message differs. By using it, you just simply type your text and if you want to have new visualization of message having new pictures, just share your device. In sending a message, you need to put the contact details and the time it is verified, it will be sent. You need to remember that the confirmation email will be sent in your spam folder because it is an automatic server that generates email. You need to check your spam folder before you tell the app is not working.

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Typography App Pros

  • The app is perfect for all users
  • It has wonderful stuff
  • It is good for freelancers and designers
  • A good way in sending notes randomly

Typography App Cons

  • Need to have internal improvements
  • A little bit complicated to use

Who Should Use the App?

For people who need to send message to their loved ones, client and peers, the app is a good choice. It has a good interface. What you just need to do is to type your message and it will be sent. For the confirmation email, check your spam folder. There are many things that you can get with the app and it will help you to send messages instantly. Typography app review will help you to decide whether the app is perfect for you or not. You need to read a review about it so that you get ideas on how it works and what it can give you. This page presented some details about it to give you an overview on what is the app. If you want to use it, you can install it on your phone and start using.

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