Tunein vs Iheart battleThere’s plenty of choice when it comes to online radio and the market is only getting bigger. Let’s consider TuneIn vs iHeart, two of the giants of the scene. Find out about all the hot features as well as the less stellar capabilities of both of these apps.

iHeart vs TuneIn: The Main Differences

If there’s one thing that separates these two online radio apps, it’s that TuneIn offers you the chance to listen in directly to real radio stations without the chance to influence what is being played. In contrast, iHeart offers you the opportunity to personalize the content you’re listening to. TuneIn is wonderful if you’re hoping to listen to the latest and greatest music from established artists on major and independent labels. If it’s more your style to discover the most recent unsigned talents and support them on their way up, iHeart has you covered with its access to amateur recordings. The iHeart vs TuneIn battle is really closely fought so far despite the clear differences that are beginning to emerge.

Quality and Quantity of Music

As of the present moment, iHeart offers around 18 million songs that you could get exposed to. This is a huge number and isn’t rivalled by many online music services out there. Given that TuneIn lets you listen directly to real radio shows, it’s not possible to estimate the number of songs you could listen to. Theoretically, the upper limit should be very high indeed. Practically, though, radio stations do tend to play the same old songs over and over again. Sound quality is a vital consideration when it comes to music and this is a significant issue here. While iHeart provides a respectable enough 192 Kbps, TuneIn goes the whole hog and lets you enjoy a whopping 320 Kbps.

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Searching among this wealth of music should be easy. After all, we are becoming very accustomed to the quick and extensive searches performed by Google and its competitors. The main difference between these two apps is that TuneIn doesn’t feature a genre search, something which is rather odd since it does offer a mood search. It’s not all about music, by the way. Both of these apps offer a range of radio options besides music stations. TuneIn focuses on the latest news, sports, and talk shows, as well as offering some podcasts for your listening pleasure. You can expect much the same from iHeart, except the notable addition of comedy-specific stations, featuring sketches, stand-up and more.


tunein vs iheart

Both apps have access to a veritable wealth of different radio stations from all over the world, but TuneIn lets you actually rewind live radio and listen to it over and over. Of course, this allows you to stream the next couple of songs in the background as you go over previous parts of your favorite radio show. TuneIn offers a free trial so you can see what it’s all about before you part with your hard-earned cash.


  • A great choice of content from around the world that can please any taste.
  • Available record function.
  • You can save favorite channels.
  • Good integration with desktop versions.


  • There are now ads even in the Pro version.
  • Broadcasters restrict some content due to regional rights.
  • One of the main disadvantages of the TuneIn app is that you can’t actually download the podcasts it offers. You can stream them at high quality, but there’s no way of saving them for future reference.


iheart vs tunein

Sadly, iHeart music app doesn’t let you save playlists of your new favorites that you will have discovered through the app. Also, everyone knows how annoying ads are, and while iHeart, in particular, is supported by ad revenue, there aren’t many and they’re perfectly tolerable when you consider the service you’re getting.


  • There are lyrics available for most of the songs so you wouldn’t have to go search them online.
  • Informative artist bios and news articles.
  • There is an events section to check the dates of the main music events.


  • Many people don’t feel that the design is attractive.
  • You cannot create playlists.
  • There is a limit on tracks played per hour and audio advertising.

There’s plenty to be said for each app in the battle of TuneIn vs iHeart. Ultimately, the choice is yours. Consider all the ups and downs of each app, and you’ll know which is the right one for your musical taste.

TuneIn vs iHeart was hard-fought and the result is something of a tie, but perhaps TuneIn is the overall winner. Make sure you make the right choice.

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