mobile app ui design trends

The mobile market has shown a huge growth over the years. It is not a secret that more individuals get involved in tablets and smartphones. And some user interface (UI) design gets an astonishing attention of the media and even changes our life.

However, mobile users’ preference also keeps on changing. There are lots of reasons why people can dislike an app – it is too boring, it has a poor design, or it is too slow. Luckily, we will help you know about the latest trends in the world of mobile app UI design, which will assist you to avoid disappointment.

Importance of Mobile App UI Design

There is sufficient info on the web about the importance of a good UI design. Therefore, we will not load you with a lot of complicated researches and data. We want to give you just two statistics by Adobe:

  • 59 percent of mobile users fancy beautiful mobile app design as opposed to simple design, even when they don’t have a lot of time.
  • 38 percent of individuals are likely to leave your app if they find it unattractive.

From these 2 points, you can easily see that mobile app design is the first thing that users interact with, even before they explore your app. It is like a digital first impression which can improve or reduce UX. A poor design might kill your app. That is why it’s so critical to be familiar with the latest trends in UI design so as to consider them when building your mobile app.

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Best Mobile App UI Design Trends

Some of the best mobile app design that you should consider when developing your app for 2018 includes the followings:

  • Hidden navigation. This is not a recent or even future discovery. However, it hasn’t been used effectively for a very long time. And, finally, the right time has come to fully utilize this feature when developing your app. To save space for visitors, designers need to use this feature. One of the best ways to save space is to create the navigation drawer. Generally, the menu becomes visible only when you need it and remains hidden the other time. This feature still has a long way to go before it gets implemented completely – hoping next year will be the year.
  • Personalization. A few years ago, stock images were the trend of the town and would appear everywhere but as mobile app design inspiration increased, a lot of customizations have immersed. Studio and client mutually agreed on custom-made illustration and icons for better communication. Actually, toward the start of 2018, we will see a lot of firms opting for personalized videos and photography. Next year will definitely have the personalization and customization at its core with more emphasis on videos.
  • Vibrant colors. 2017 was more experimental as we saw the shift from the use of flat color to the gradient. But still, some firms still stick to common colors and play safe. But, next year is going to witness a change in this behavior and our favorite apps will see a lot of changes. With amazing colors to choose from, we will surely experience the best mobile app design as it unfolds.
  • Card design strikes back. This design is an effective and useful tool for mobile-friendly webs. Cards help to divide and even properly place the content on the web. In 2018, the cards will make it possible to download multimedia items and drive more traffic to the web. Card design will be a great addition to people who want to market their web and thus get more traffic to their websites.
  • Innovative scrolling. App users get annoyed when they are not able to move from one page to the other and end up wasting a lot of time clicking on different pages and links. Innovative scrolling will enable fast navigation for users and improve the visual appeal of a mobile application. 2018 mobile app design trends toward vertical scrolling in app design will see the increase in the following benefits: all social feed will be presented in a vertical manner, so it will bring a sense of familiarity to the user. By scrolling in a vertical direction, the user will scroll through comments and posts in an easy manner, which will bring user simplicity.
  • Unusual navigation. Firms across the world will not see much adoption in mobile app UI design of unusual navigation in 2017 and are mostly restricted to design firms using it for their own web. But next year will be different; organizations will be more open to the adoption of this technology and implement it to their apps too.
  • Diffuse backgrounds. This feature has already enabled developers to make the ‘call to action feature’ easily accessible and viewed. It would take the whole day to state the benefits of this feature for business marketing purposes. The diffuse background brings the simplicity of perception for users. 2018 trends will see the continued use of this features and the use of softer color tones as well as simple color schemes.
  • Simple navigation. Design mobile app with a clean interface, visually pleasing aesthetics, and clear typography are popular among app users. Sliding menus, drop down, and navigation sub-menus will make the scrolling much better for the users. Navigation is a critical part of every UI as for webs and for smartphone apps. It may be incorporated in different ways using different forms and styles: vertical, horizontal, graphical, highly detailed, or minimalist.
  • Material design. The material design has been around since 2014 when it was introduced by Google. Today, many apps and webs use this tech because it offers fast-loading and simplified effects (animation, layering, and gradients). Material design is also associated with card design, so this trend is definitely going to be around in the foreseeable future.
  • Bold and big fonts. Bold and big fonts are strong enough to distinguish apps from the pool. The skillful manipulation of fonts will become an effective strategy for apps designers in 2018 as it enables users to view and remember that app with ease.

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So, ensure that you keep up to date with the latest mobile app UI design and your followers will be thankful.