trello vs todoist vs wunderlist

Whether you’ve got a big project coming up that you need to manage 24/7, or whether you just need to organise your personal life a little bit better so that completing everyday chores is easier, project management apps could prove to be a life-saver. But who wins in a battle between the best 3, Todoist vs Wunderlist vs Trello?


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A lot of the time it comes down to what you need from a project management app. Maybe you need an app that helps you to delegate tasks better, create schedules quicker or manage numerous personalities more efficiently. Whatever it is you need, getting the inside-scoop on Trello vs Wunderlist vs Todoist is essential. So join us as we take a look at the pros and cons of these top 3 project management apps.


todoist vs wunderlist

Todoist’s tagline is “tame chaos and organise your life with Todoist’s top-ranked Mac app.”

It’s a neat tagline, but what’s the real deal with the app?

Todoist is a free and premium organisational app available for the OS Mac that gives users the chance to manager their teams better or improve their own personal productivity. Whether you’re looking to boost the output of your employees or yourself, Todoist caters for all. There is a free version available, while the most expensive version for business costs up to $29 per year.

But how does Todoist measure up vs Trello vs Wunderlist?


  • Comes with a free version
  • Allows up to 50 users on one project
  • Automatic backups are available
  • Email support is available 7 days per week even on the free version
  • Manage your tasks offline as well as online
  • Easy to use yet really powerful
  • Allows you to visualise your teams productivity
  • Feature-rich


  • The free version is too bare – doesn’t even come with reminders
  • Premium and business versions are pricey


wunderlist vs trello

Trello is one of the most commonly downloaded project management tasks, and is based on the Kanban Boards. As such, Trello works as a virtual whiteboard and even comes with its very on virtual post-it-notes. Unlike a proper whiteboard, of course, Trello is more portable and allows you to do everything you could on a whiteboard – but also so much more. You can stick as many cards to it as you want, which are seen and used by yourself and your team.

In essence, it’s an awesome way to brainstorm, share ideas and work on a collaborative project.

It is compatible with both the Android and iOS, is free to use and is designed to help you up your organisational game.

But how does Trello fare vs Todoist vs Wunderlist?


  • Your entire project is viewable in a single glance
  • Collaboration is simple and effective
  • Really visual
  • Easy to use
  • Lots of cool features that are simplistic enough


  • Can get a bit complicated with bigger projects and teams
  • Doesn’t impose setting dates
  • Doesn’t hold you accountable, which can cause you to lose focus
  • Not enough standard features from third-party extensions


trello vs wunderlist

Wunderlist describes itself as the app of the year, and because it wonderfully helps you to organise and keep track of your projects, it pretty much could be.

Wunderlist is a really simple and totally free way of getting even the hard stuff done. You can use it plan a vacation, share lists with team members, or manage numerous projects in one go. Whether you’ve got personal or professional errands to complete, Wunderlist presents itself as a really useful app.

But how does Wunderlist vs Todoist vs Trello compare?


  • Simple but super effective
  • Can be used for something as simple as a shopping list or as complex as multiple work projects
  • Awesome, user friendly design
  • Ace UX
  • It’s free!


  • Sync is occasionally unreliable
  • No sub contexts or subtasks options
  • No repeat options
  • No start date options

To sum up, the Trello vs Todoist vs Wunderlist debate could go on forever. Before you’ve finally reached a conclusion, your to-do lists have got even bigger! In our opinion, Wunderlist is absolutely perfect if you want a gorgeous app to help you organise your life, while Todoist wins hands-down if you’ve got BIG projects to work on. Trello, meanwhile, is the best way to brainstorm and share ideas with your group.

It’s all about finding the right app that works for you, but hopefully we’ve cut through some of the noise for you. So, what are you waiting for? Get organising!