trello app review

Trello is easy to use and very visual because it will let you to organize your things easily. Trello app is providing a good board and very reliable. With the use of your phone, you can get what you are looking for.

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Trello App Review Pros

  • Trello apps has free version and it is easy to use mobile whether you are using tablet or Smartphone and it includes rich media making the checklists very easy
  • Trello task management app is easy to set up having good interface
  • It has a good layout of the tasks wherein it gives chance to add other persons to notes, tasks and documents as well as links making it sure that every project is true
  • Being one of the best apps for project management, it is an easy-to-understand one
  • It has clutter and orderliness with free work space
  • It has a good streamlined project management
  • It gives a good user experience
  • The boards can easily be organized and it has different sections giving chance to assign tasks to others and it keeps a track
  • It allows users to add ideas and comments themselves
  • There is unlimited boards and lists which visually organize tasks and projects
  • The app has unlimited collaboration
  • It is available on Android versions and iOS phones

Trello Reviews Cons

  • There are no rules in enforcing dates and others
  • It needs a 3rd party extensions in adding features
  • There is no easy way of printing or exporting
  • It does not have auto consolidate checklists
  • Sometimes having a problem in finding different options
  • Navigating menus is not much intuitive
  • It needs to earn more gold on Trello
  • Need to have simpler checklists

Who Should Use The App?

For people who are using iOS phones and who have Android devices, they can install the app to manage their task and their projects. Trello is easy to set up and understand. For students, professionals or businesses who want to keep track of their project, they can use the app.

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