Trace Snow app ReviewRunners all around the world can easily track their progress as they pound the pavement, but it’s not so easy when you’re a snow-loving skier. Trails aren’t often marked on the map and it’s hard to keep an eye on your performance. That’s where best snowboarding apps can help you out! Use this Trace Snow review to help you decide if this app is the one for you.

  • trace snow review

Pros of the Trace Snow App

  • Firstly, the Trace Snow app basically performs the same functions as any typical running tracker would, except that it adds stats like the all-important vertical distance.
  • This ski tracking app has been recognized by a number of slopes and you can compete in official events by signing up and recording your progress.
  • It generates all its data in real time so you can immediately check out what happened with that last jump or slalom you sped through.

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Trace Snow App Cons

The main concern with this ski tracking app is exactly what you would expect.

  • You need a good internet connection at all times to get the most out of the measurements. If you’re out in the wilderness, away from properly built up ski routes, you might have a bit of a problem.

Who Should Use This App

Basically, anyone who loves skiing and sees it as a great competitive sport. If you’re a frequent guest in the mountains, you might want to arm yourself with these kind of handy apps. Let this Trace Snow review guide you, but your decision is final. If you’re looking for an app that keeps count of all the important parameters and is well recognized by official slopes and pistes, this is the one for you.

Keep this Trace Snow review in mind when you check out the app. Improve your personal best and leave your competitors spluttering in the dust.