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Video streaming is the biggest thing around. That outdated cable subscription is becoming a thing of the past and there are now thousands of ways to view content online. The content is no longer televised, it’s streamed. Here is a compilation of the top 10 video streaming apps or applications for smart devices.

These apps enable you to tune in what others are airing and air your stream all over the globe. These days, a lot of firms – including the tech giants Twitter and Facebook, are investing in developing live streaming platforms.


top video streaming apps for androidPeriscope is Twitter’s creation of video streaming platform. It enables you to broadcast your content to a selective ground of individuals or publicly. Furthermore, you can share your link to broadcast on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. The app makes it easy to discover trending streams by listing them out according to the views. This streaming app also features live 360 degrees videos, but this option is only available to “select people” as for now (that’s not so good). Luckily, you can watch any of these videos on your phone. To learn more about the app, you make take a look at our Periscope review.

Broadcast Me

list of the best video streaming appsThis is an amazing app that enables you to broadcast live content through Android or iOS device. It runs via the multimedia server which facilitates for RTMP publishing. Here, the live stream should be encoded with AAC audio codec and H.264 video codec. It is free on both Android and iOS devices, but Android uses an earlier version that doesn’t work with DaCast channel. This is the only major concern of Broadcast Me. However, it is one of the best video streaming apps that you will get on the market today.


best video streaming android appsThis is a free iOS app that was launched in 2015 and allows you to transmit live stream on Twitter, effectively forming a special video content channel on Twitter that other individuals can watch and comment through sending tweets. The major con of this app is that it only works on Twitter.    Another great feature of this app is that you can chat with friends in real time by sending tweets that are located in the upper part of the video stream.

top video streaming mobile appsLaunched in 2016, the app is brought to you by the same people who brought the famous app. It enables you to stream your life live, on the go and enables you to view live feeds across the world. While watching the content, it enables you to send “loves” and participate in the conversation by leaving your comment.   What is even amazing is that these video streaming android apps can send “gift points”, which can be redeemed for real cash. In addition, you can go through profiles, see the number of “emoji-love” you have received and follow them. doesn’t support most social media.


BigVEncoder appBigVEncorder has been designed for Android microphones and cameras as it streams quality video and audio in real time. It is a professional-grade application which supports many social media servers like YouTube Live, Adobe Flash Media Server, and also other types of streaming protocols like MPEGTS and RTMP.   Furthermore, the app supports many videos and audio formats such as MP3, MP4, AAC, and H.264 among others. Being one of the best video streaming apps out there, you will find it at the Google Play Store for a little fee. Sadly, the app doesn’t support secure streaming – has no password or login field.

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Wirecast GO

Wirecast GO appThe free model of this smartphone live streaming app will enable you to stream directly to YouTube so you will have to part with a few dollars to get the full version to stream to other places such as DaCast. The paid model will also enable you to switch between unlimited shots and replay highlights of your live stream or broadcast. Also, if you own a Wirecast account, you will be able to use Wirecast Cam which is a plus to the live production software. As you have seen, the biggest con of this app is that you will need to pay to enjoy the full version.


BAMBUSER appBAMBUSER is one of the oldest video streaming apps for Android that has been on the market for a while and gained lots of attention in 2011/12 when protestors used it to stream live video from the streets of Egypt and other nations such as Arabia. The app enables you to stream video from either a webcam on a PC or a smartphone. The product has been used for a while by citizen journalists in different states. It also provides a personal app that is free and supported by ads, and an ad-free paid app designed for business (a con for business people).


YouNow appThis app enables you to stream your live video and view the live broadcast from all around the globe. You can mingle with the broadcasters by commenting or liking on their stream and the app support a few comments stickers – after all, a picture speaks louder than words. Additionally, the app enables you to share the broadcast to Snapchat, Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter. This app has an option of adding a hashtag to your stream – it should have been included with the word go. You can only share specific moments from a stream to your profile.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live appFacebook tested FaceBook live in a separate app known as “Mentions” and then made it available to the normal FaceBook app. It is a new way to communicate with your friends and has a massive user base. In addition to personal profiles, this app also enables for events and groups, so you can stream selectively to the individuals in a certain group. The only downside to this app is that you need to open and tap a few places before you begin to stream your video. With that said, Facebook Live is one of the best video streaming mobile apps on the market today.

Instagram Live Stories

Instagram Live Stories appInstagram launched this platform in late 2016, but it was rolled globally in 2017. This app comes baked into the normal Instagram app. While watching a stream from another individual, you can comment and like on his/her live stream. What is even amazing is that this app sends a notification to your pals when you start your broadcast. The only flipside of this app is that your feed disappears as soon as you end your broadcast.

Video streaming apps are literally everywhere. It is time to embrace this phenomenon and enjoy live video of your events using Android or iPhone phone.

Don’t wish that you could broadcast something, just get the video streaming apps and do it.