Top Apps to Make Notes

When your latest cool idea comes to your head, you need to strike while the iron is hot. It’s so easy to find a decent app to make notes no matter what phone you use. Make the most of the day when you use one of these top 10 apps to jot down everything most important to you.

Notetaking App Countdown

Any notetaking app worth its salt is full of sharing functions. If you’re looking for apps like Evernote, you can rest assured that there are plenty of apps that can do what Evernote can and more.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNoteIf you don’t want to stray too far away from the world of paper and pens, OneNote offers a user interface that adheres closely to a style that mimics note taking the old school way. It includes a notebook divided into different sections and you can pretty much treat it like you would a real one by typing anywhere you like and adding references to other material. It stays up to date despite its traditionalist outlook by allowing audio and video recordings and more.

Google Keep

app to make notesIf sharing with your friends and colleagues is of vital importance to you, Google has you covered yet again. You can jot things down in a minimalist fashion and then send your notes off to a Google Doc file for future reference. It follows OneNote’s example in that it uses a style that remains faithful to real world note taking, letting you use virtual post-it notes with browsable thumbnails. The most significant advance over other apps is the audio transcription feature. Speak clearly and you’ll get a record of your voice and a typed transcript of the content.


handwritten notes appIf you want something completely opposite to apps like Evernote, you can still find a good notes app or two out there. This is one such app.SimpleNote is exactly what you think: a simple app that helps you get straight down to the task at hand with its basic approach to note taking. The most valuable feature is something that really ought to be included as a standard part of any such app, and that’s a frequently saved file history. You can check every version of your notes in case you deleted something you didn’t realize was important at the time.

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notetaking appIf you’ve got a stylus for your mobile device, a handwritten notes app is exactly what you need. This particular choice is perhaps the best handwritten notes app around.
Paper lets you draw and write notes, sketch brainstorming sessions and even draw out your ideas. It tidies up your scribbles as you go along, leaving you with a beautiful set of calligraphic notes and smooth lines and curves for your diagrams.


apps like evernoteThis cleverly named app is now part of Evernote, letting you add your own handwritten notes to this venerable and comprehensive service. You can have your notes indexed so that you can take a look at the original handwritten notes as well as the digitized copy.


good notes appWhile a lot of apps are developed first for iOS and then badly ported to other devices, this is one that was designed for Android and Windows operating system users as well. After all, the true mark of a really good notes app is its compatibility with all the various operating systems. One of the most pleasant feature here is the ability to upload your PDFs and edit them using your stylus. Of course, this means you can extend its use to signing documents and sending them to relevant parties.


EvernoteObviously, this had to be in here somewhere. There’s a reason why Evernote is so popular and widely used. It stems from its simplicity in getting you started writing notes and jotting down ideas. If you need to get a little deeper and make your notes comprehensive and full of all the information you need, this app is your best bet. You can add all kinds of files including video and whole web pages. In fact, one of the most useful features that is rarely found elsewhere is that you can store the content of any hyperlink offline. You don’t have to follow a link to get to your source. Evernote would have taken the top spot if it hadn’t gotten rid of its cheaper price plans.


LectureNotesThis is indispensable for students who take their note taking very seriously indeed. It has been designed with the rigours of academia in mind, letting you write professional notes that pass muster in any class you take. It supports a number of platforms including ones you’d expect like Evernote and Microsoft OneNote. Like these, you can record lectures and seminars, examine PDFs and more.


SomNoteIf it’s long-term projects and learning that you’ve got to get to grips with, SomNote has you covered nicely. It’s not so good for simple lists, but it’ll help you focus your thought processes and improve your memory with its folder organization system. There aren’t really any extra bells and whistles with this one, but it does exactly what it says on the can and you can’t really ask for more than that.

Apple Notes

Apple NotesIf you’re purely an iOS user, this app has just usurped Evernote’s crown. It offers all the features you’d expect from this former king of note taking, except that it’s much simpler to use and is completely free. Not only this, but you can easily transfer data from other apps.

Use this top 10 list wisely when you choose an app to make notes with. There are plenty of great apps out there as well as a fair amount of duds. Don’t get caught out when a hot idea has hit your brain; use an app that works well without any trouble. Take the advice here on board and choose the right app for your needs.

Choose a top 10 app to make notes and you’ll never forget an important idea again. Give them a try and see what you can accomplish.