Top 10 Photo Editing Apps

Making your photos pop with the latest filters is all the rage. There are so many apps out there that it’s hard to know what’s the right one to get. Check out these top 10 photo editing apps and take your photos to the next level.

Any good picture editing app worth its salt has a huge range of filters combined with a really intuitive user interface. These are just the basic requirements for any editing app, and there’s so much more you can do when you find the best photo effects app for your specific taste.


SnapseedIf you’re looking for a perfectly good picture editing app that does just about everything the average user would expect, Snapseed has you covered. You can alter all kinds of things about your photos, including their frames, colors, exposure and more. This app is pretty advanced really, and you can even remove objects from within your photos to get rid of a figurative stain on an otherwise amazing photo. This is an app that’ll help you quickly get to grips with how to use these kinds of programs in general, and that alone could qualify it to be the best photo editing app for mobile platforms.


By means of the best app edit photos to the next level. VSCO offers you editivscong options that go beyond anything you’d expect. There are loads of preset filters that make your task so simple and yet so beautiful. There’s a camera function as part of the app so you don’t even need to switch between various apps to get the result you need. The filters here are truly second to none and they excel in giving a classic look to your photography that you won’t find elsewhere without using a vintage camera with the right lenses. It’s free to use as well, so what’s not to like?

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TouchRetouchAs you learn about the best app edit photos and find out more about how to make each image perfect. The easiest way to do this is to employ an app dedicated to the removal of unwanted parts of a photo. TouchRetouch is completely devoted to this task and even though other apps can be used to retouch your photos, they don’t come anywhere near the standard demanded by the developers of this amazing program.


good picture editing appIt’s so hard to get that perfect capture of famous architectural wonders around the world. Whether it’s Big Ben or the Statue of Liberty, it’s really difficult to get the whole thing in the imagine in high quality. This is certainly the best photo effects app for this kind of project, giving you the chance to correct any distortion in perspective and straighten out the lines.


best app edit photosWhen you’re taking a shot, the effect of the light can make or break your artistic idea. This is the best photo editing app for mobile if you want to deliberately add a light effect to adjust the atmosphere of a photo. You can add all sorts, including sun flares and mist, thus lending your photo the perfect mood for the occasion. The reason that this is the best app of its niche is because all the effects have been developed from actual shots of these natural phenomena.

Filterstorm Neue

best photo effects appOne of the major issues to do with editing photos using a mobile app involves the limitations of the hardware. You can’t seriously expect a phone to compete with a fully powered desktop software program like Photoshop. However, you can expect an app to do its best and come as close as possible to the quality proper editing suite, and Filterstorm Neue does this admirably. You can employ masking effects, gradient filters and much, much more. It’s much cheaper than Photoshop too!


best photo editing app for mobileIf you’re looking to even out all the kinks in a portrait you’ve shot, this is exactly what you need. You can eliminate blemishes, smooth out eye bags, and even make your subject smile more attractively. Anything you can think of altering is possible with this app, including the addition of realistic looking makeup like blush and lip liner.

Font Candy

Font CandyTurning a photo into a cool poster couldn’t be easier. Font Candy lets you add captions to your photos in an attractive and vibrant manner. It’s even good enough to use in the production of marketing posters rather than just those for personal use. A high-quality app like this is hard to come by, and though it focuses on a niche aspect of editing, it does it very well indeed.

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InstagramOf course, this stalwart of the photo editing scene had to crop up somewhere in this list. It’s the ultimate in social media-linked photo sharing. You can edit your photos using filters and all the usual suspects when it comes to touching up your images, and then you can post them straight to your profile. What’s more, you can even connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your Instagram one, resulting in all your followers everywhere finding out what you’re up to today.


PrismaNow, this is a really interesting one to look out for. It takes your photos and converts them into different artistic styles like those pioneered by great masters such as Picasso. It has been extensively developed to automatically choose the correct style depending on the content of your photo, resulting in a perfect outcome every time. There are currently 30 styles to choose from and counting.

This list of the top 10 photo editing apps contains a real eclectic mix of different opportunities. Whether you want to create real art, or you’re just looking to share your latest escapades with your friends, these apps have you covered. Make the most of all that they have to offer and boost your creative imagination.

Discover all the possibilities available when you check out our top 10 photo editing apps. Create a true masterpiece with the right app.