Top 10 Apps for Translation

If you’re on vacation in foreign climes and you want to dive deeper and start interacting with the locals, you can do way better than relying on their understanding of English. On the other hand, you might already be reasonably fluent in a second language and just want to double-check a word or two. Either way, you need to make sure you only ever use the best apps for translation you can find. Making a mistake in a foreign language can be hilarious or catastrophic, but don’t leave it to chance to find out.

The Top Language Translation Apps Around

There are so many foreign language translation apps available online and on your smartphone. The trick to finding a truly great one is to consider all the pros and cons while you relate them to your specific needs. If you’re stuck as to which are the finest translation apps reviews written by expert tech enthusiasts are the way to go. Take a look at these 10 top translation apps and websites before you travel abroad.

Best Translation Services

apps for translationBefore you reach for your smartphone and discover a range of highly useful foreign language translation apps, examine what the world wide web has to offer. When you want more in-depth apps for language translation, manual translation services is just the ticket. Preparing your documents takes long enough without having to wait for a translation as well. Whether you need to translate important documents for use in another country or for a visa application, you should use a service that offers instant quotes and rapid results from professional translators.

Google Translate

foreign language translation appsThis might seem like an obvious one, but it genuinely is still one of the top translation apps you’ll find anywhere online. Google Translate offers a huge range of language pairs if you’re happy with standard text translations and it’s always being updated by either the Google team or native speakers who correct any mistakes. All translation apps reviews need to be completely impartial and fair. That’s why it must be admitted that the major downside is that offline support, speech-to-speech and camera mode are only available for around half the language that this app otherwise supports.

iTranslate Voice

top translation appsThis is one of the top language translation apps if you want to focus on actually having a conversation with a native speaker of a foreign language. Although iTranslate Voice doesn’t offer as many comprehensive options as some other apps, the voice recognition software is highly advanced and clearly one of the best around. A significant point of which to be aware is that there does seem to be some conflict between the original Android voice recognition software and this version, so you might have to persevere as you play around with the settings.


translation apps reviewsSome languages have a huge variety of dialects that all come under the same umbrella term despite being sometimes nearly unintelligible to one another. This is particularly true of the various Arabic dialects which can deviate significantly from modern standard Arabic. If you need apps for language translation when you’re in a remote corner of the Middle East, SayHi is the savior you’ve been looking for. It’s only available for iPhone and Kindle at the moment and you will need an internet connection to use it properly. This app isn’t going to be much use if you’re off into the desert to visit the Pyramids of Giza.


top language translation appsIt’s particularly difficult to get around when you’re traveling in a country where you can’t even read the language, let alone understand it. This is so true of places like Korea, China, and Japan. Fortunately, WayGo provides an offline means of reading characters from these three countries and translating them into English. All you need is your camera. The problem with this app lies in how specific it is in function. If you aren’t traveling to one of these three far eastern countries, then the app is mostly useless.

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apps for language translationThis comprehensive little app goes much further than most translators. Instead of having access only to a glorified dictionary that goes back and forth between two languages, TripLingo gives you a proper phrasebook and loads of cultural information as you go along. There are options for formal, slang and standard turns of phrase, and you can even hook up with a live translator if you’re willing to cough up the cash to do so. TripLingo is incredibly inclusive when it comes to features and you’ll find something for everyone. The main areas where it does fall short are that it doesn’t provide a handwriting option and its best features are not free of charge.


Textgrabber reviewWhen you’re out at a restaurant and are practically starving, all you really want to do is point and click your camera and get a result. Textgrabber is optical recognition software that takes writing on the page and turns it into something you can understand on your phone. More than 100 languages are offered, but varying levels of support exist for each one. You’ll have to check rather carefully before you travel, and that’s really no fun at all.

SMS Translator

SMS Translator reviewWhen you’re having a text conversation, the last thing you want to have to do is go to another window on your web browser, copy and paste your message and hope for the best. SMS Translator does exactly what you would expect, and translates your conversation in near real-time so you can have as natural a discourse as possible. You can choose between Microsoft Bing or Google Translate as the engine behind your translations, but truth be told, it’s never quite good enough to have a completely error-free conversation with someone who doesn’t know even a little bit of your own language.


SpeakText reviewThis is an app that excels at translating documents and whole web pages, and then presenting them in the same format you found them in. Although SpeakText is in general more suited to tablets and laptops, it’s a handy tool to have when you’re in a pinch and only have your smartphone with you. The interface isn’t pretty and the app doesn’t do much else at all, but it does exactly what it purports to do.

Translator Speak

Translator Speak reviewAlthough it requires an internet connection to use, Translator Speak is great for conversations. You don’t even have to press a button and wait before the next person speaks as it’s quick enough to handle normal conversational speed. The main complaint is that the free version only offers a limited range of tools that other apps can outcompete with ease. When you splash out and get the pro version, you’ll find it well worth the investment if you just want a chat with a local while abroad.

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Choose the Right App for Your Needs

Whether you pick a trusted website or any one of the great apps for translation covered here, make sure that it’s the right choice for your needs. Naturally, a modern languages student will have rather different needs from those of a tourist just dipping their toes in the waters of a foreign tongue. As such, have a good idea of what you really want to get out of your chosen app and you’ll surely achieve your goal of communicating with people from all around the world.

Apps for translation fulfill all kinds of linguistic needs. Make the right choice and you’ll find a common language with anyone.