The digital revolution, isn’t it sweeter than honey? And with every passing moment, there always seems to be a new window of opportunity for app demo video enthusiasts to tap into. For example, just take a look at that cool smartphone lying comfortably on your desk. With a couple of taps, you are able to access millions of apps that can ultimately improve certain aspects of your life! In fact, there are currently about 2.8 million apps on Google Play Store and 2.2 million on Apple’s app store. So what does this mean for app developers today? Well, it’s a whole new ball-game; heck, we can call it the 21st Century gold rush! (Perhaps the only things that people are scrambling more for is cryptocurrencies).

app demo video makers

But one important aspect that many app developers seem to miss is having the right marketing tools at their fingertips. And the most important one is the app demo video. Putting it simply, an app demo summarizes what your app is all about, and why the customer should download it. It relays a sense of trust to the customer, and further provides a great way for people to spread word on your awesome app via social media! So if you’re planning to have a demo video for your app, here are the top 10 awesome mobile app demo video makers you should definitely use.

A group of professional video demo makers that certainly know their way around advertising your mobile app (because this is what they specialize in!). And that’s why they top our list. In fact, they employ a 5-easy step production process that really makes your app stand out from the multitude of competitors. How do they do this? By educating potential users about your app as much as possible in the demo video; not to mention enhancing credibility to users that your app is legit. And they start it all by first coming up with a creative video script for your demo, which is pretty nitty-gritty for any explainer. You also get app demo video maker free services such as 24-hour customer support. Talk about finding the complete package if you ask us!

Yum Yum Videos

mobile app demo video creatorYou’ve probably heard of this mobile app demo video creator. They are considered one of the best demo video production artists out there. They certainly put in the effort when it comes to customizing videos to meet their clients’ needs. Not to mention having an integrated video marketing strategy that assists their clients elevate their businesses to the next stratum. All in all, they are pretty neat; though we must admit their prices are rather on the steep-end especially for first-time app developers who are working with a tight budget.

Epipheo Studios

demo video appThey say that with age comes experience. As one of the oldest demo video app makers around, you can call them a safe bet. Their work model begins with a comprehensive proposal, crafting a script, then actualizing the scripts ideas into a proposal. It’s quite the reasonable balance between creativeness and logistics.

Demo Duck

app demo video producerA great company that produces great quality app demos. Demo duck highly prioritizes on the script of the video, with a strong belief that the script is just as important as the demo video production itself. With a solid team of illustrators and producers, they work round the clock to generate new ideas for each and every demo request that comes their way.

Sandwich Video

demo app to make videosFor those looking to be a bit unique with their app demo videos, then why not give a Live Action video a try? It can be quite fine and interesting to watch! This studio handles Live Action videos with utmost precision, not to mention the distribution of the video through various promotional platforms such as social media and PR.


app demo video maker freeThinkmojo is also a great app demo video producer to access. Their content is highly diversified to not only explainer video production, but to educational and personalized videos as well. So whatever your preference, you can have your exact type of demo video created.

Grumo Media

app demo video creatorIf you are a startup looking for a great app demo to give your company apps traction, then Grumo media is definitely one to check out. They create videos for startups with the aim of being fun, intriguing, and engaging for the audience.


demo video app toolExplainify aims to create an app demo video with the three following principals;

  • Never to compromise on quality
  • Never to turn an a video into a novel; life is too short for long stories
  • Keeping it easy and simple

These values ensure that the app demo video delivered to you is of the utmost quality.


app demo video onlineIf you would like to have an animated app demo video, then Wyzowl is one of the best production companies around. In fact, they work diligently to meet the client’s goals as well as make regular revisions to ensure that the quality of the video is of the highest order.

Blink Tower

find the best demo video appA great company that loves to work with any business, regardless of their size. Blink Tower creates app demo videos with the aim of ensuring the script demonstrates the apps’ strengths clearly, while still having an element of humor employed in the storytelling process. It’s a great company to go with if you are looking for something with a quirky style!

And there you have our top app demo video makers with the most solid background in the market, not to mention impressive portfolios that follow suite.

Consider these 10 app demo video maker aficionados as your go-to selections whenever you’re ready to take your marketing strategy to the next level!