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Todoist is an app for personal task management. It is one of the popular to-d0 apps online. It has numerous features in helping to boost your productivity, sets schedules and organizes tasks as well as deadlines. The app has free plan for up to eighty projects. For premium plan, users must need to pay $29 per year and it is good for 200 projects allowing 25 users for each project. For business plan, users must need to pay $29 per year.

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Todoist Review Pros

Todoist reviews will help you to know about the app and here is a good review you must read.

  • Todoist app has good project based tasks
  • Users can keep track of their home and work tasks
  • The app is available in numerous platforms which is a good todoist alternative for users
  • It has a simple and clean interface
  • It has neat productivity charts for premium account
  • Has great task classification tools
  • It has offline functionality
  • The tool has location based reminders
  • It has collaboration supported
  • It is offering free service or free version
  • It has good prioritize and organize tasks
  • Can able to convert emails from tasks

Todoist Apps Cons

  • You can only open a task if you have a project
  • The app does not update the badge
  • The app does not sync with the iOS
  • Some of the essential features are not available for free users

Who Should Use the App?

Aside from knowing todoist premium review, you need to know who can use the app. The app is perfect for persons seeking for mid-range level of sophistication. In fact, anyone who wishes to create or have a project can use Todoist. All persons are welcome to try the app to know how it works. For business companies or personal use, trying todoist app is worth. If you want to see how it works, you can try the free version and see for yourself what benefits you get from it. If you need apps for project management, then go on reading.

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