Timewerks Review

The Timewerks app has been around for quite some time, almost an eternity in mobile app terms. The makers have recently given it a major overhaul and added various functions to create a Pro version. Read on to see if they’ve made what you’re looking for in a timesheet app.

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The Positives of Timewerks Pro Billing

  • Although the main app must be paid for, Timewerks Pro Billing is available in a free format for you to get to grips with it before you plump for the full-fat option. Given that it’s your business that will potentially benefit from the use of time tracking apps, it’s only fair that you get to try before you buy.
  • It’s so simple to create PDF invoices with this app, and you can choose between hourly and fixed rates for various categories of tasks. This makes it easy to work out how much you owe your employees or how much your clients need to pay you.
  • Built-in data backup and restore: back up and restore your data with one tap (without connecting to iTunes).
  • You can export your data to comma-delimited (CSV) or tab-delimited (TSV) text files via a Wi-Fi connection and a standard web browser.

The Negatives

  • As far as time tracking apps are concerned, this doesn’t go far wrong. It’s major complaint is that you can’t do much about reporting your data. Despite that, you can export it to Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs to analyze the data more deeply yourself.

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Who Should Use the App

Timewerks is a perfect solution for freelancers, consultants, contractors, lawyers, and salespeople all over the world. Overall, you should consider using the Timewerks app if you need to create professional, respectable-looking invoices for your clients and freelance employees alike.

Try out the Timewerks app for free before you settle for one of the paid options. Download it now and see if it’s the one for you.