Timetracker Pro Review

The whole point of keeping tabs on the way you use time is to maximize efficiency. It’s immediately clear that this is what the developers of Timetracker Pro set out to achieve. It’s a rather simple timesheet app, but an effective one for most purposes.

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The Benefits of This Timekeeping App

  • Despite its apparent simplicity, this timekeeping app does exactly what it aims to do. There’s no real need for extra functions that most people barely notice let alone frequently use.
  • The main screen offers you the chance to use several timers to track multiple tasks simultaneously, producing useful graphs for you to analyze your own activity.
  • If you need a simple hour logging app that gets right down to business, this is what you get.

The Flipside of the Coin

  • While its lack of complexity is refreshing, this hour logging app does have a few flaws that might bother you.
  • You will be limited to using this app for yourself only as it cannot produce invoices. This is a significant flaw when compared to the capabilities of some of the other timekeeping options available.
  • This is not to mention that the design is somewhat unique, and not necessarily in a good way. If it’s a well-designed, attractive interface you want, this isn’t the place to come.

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Who Should Use the App

Anyone who needs to learn how to spend it effectively without wasting it. You will find time for something you always wanted to start doing with the help of this app. The bottom line is that Timetracker Pro is a great little option if you’re just looking to improve your own productivity. If you intend to use it for wider business purposes, you’ll find that it falls somewhat short of the mark.

If you need a simple and straightforward approach that doesn’t break the bank, Timetracker Pro is the app you’ve been searching for. Download it and try it out.