Timely app ReviewTimely is one of those apps that gets talked about a lot in professional circles. As time is money, you would be well advised to make the most of every opportunity available to boost your productivity. Use this carefully considered Timely review and see if it’s the time keeping app you need.

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Play the Long Game With the Timely App

It’s all well and good being able to track your employees’ use of time, but what about your own efficiency? That’s where the Timely app comes into play.

  • You can monitor how long your various tasks take you to complete successfully by using time blocks on the inbuilt calendar. You’ll quickly learn to plan your activities days or weeks in advance with confidence.
  • It also functions as a phone alarm app in that it’ll alert when you’re coming up to the end of your allotted time for a given task. If you use the phone alarm app feature properly, you’ll make sure your workflow stays right on track.
  • Manage, dismiss and snooze alarms on all your devices at once. Cloud synchronization enables a seamless experience across phones and tablets. As a plus, everything gets backed up.
  • Choose from gorgeous color themes to match your very own style. Or use our design-tool to create an all-new look. Select one of our hand-crafted designer clocks to fit your taste.

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How Timely Could Be Better

Despite it’s obvious wealth of functions making it far more than just a clock in app for logging your work, there are a couple of improvements that are warranted.

  • The main issue is that the time blocks are very touch-sensitive. You can easily end up adding time to a planned task rather than switching it around in your schedule. Unless you have particularly small fingertips, this could pose a problem.
  • Some people complain that you can’t adjust brightness and clock size. This can certainly be a disadvantage to some.

Overall, the positives easily outweigh the negatives so make sure you use Timely to its full capacity rather than thinking of it as a plain old clock in app.

This Timely review has given you a taste of what to expect from this app. Consider all the pluses and minuses before you make your final choice.