top time tracking apps

What are the best time tracking apps available to download and install in 2016?

Keeping track of time is really difficult. With so much on our plate, it can be easy to run out of time to get everything done. Before you know it, it’s midnight and you haven’t even started on your main project. If only you were better at managing your time!

Wishful thinking won’t help you. If you want what is best for yourself and your business, it’s time to get a whole lot smarter about the way you manage your time.

This is where apps can help. A time keeping app is essentially a tool that promotes better time keeping, ensuring that you never miss a deadline, never waver on proclivity, and never slow down your business. Even better, a time recording app can also be used to make sure that your team members and employees are able to managertheir time better, too. It’s a win win situation.

Because there are so many apps on the market, let us help you make a better decision by reviewing the best time tracking apps available.


time tracking appsHubStaff is an iOS project management and timesheet app that is used by both large and small businesses. When you and your team track time with this useful app, you will all be alb to better understand what everyone is working on via activity levels and randomised screenshots. This promotes accountability, and ensures that everyone is aware of their responsibilities and duties. HubStaff is an app that can be integrated with other apps. It also features automatic payroll, and offers a detailed insight into the productivity of everyone on your team.

TimeWerks Pro Billing

timesheet appTimeWerks Pro Billing is an app that works better when you set it up before you start using it. This takes up a bit of time, but it’s a useful app that will enhance your life or business – or both! During setup, you will need to create profiles for yourself and any team members, as well as log your projects. Once done, time can either be entered automatically or manually. The downside to this particular app is that it doesn’t offer detailed reports. It does try to compensate for this lack of feature by offering a Cloud-based backup service where you just one tap can quickly restore your data.

Pomodoro Timer

time keeping appPomodoro Timer helps you to manage your time more effectively using the Pomodoro technique. This technique helps you to increase the efficiency by dividing the work into sections (usually 25 min long) and separate them with breaks. This way you can always keep up with your schedule. The app is simple to use, great for students, and features a minimal design that is easy on the eyes.


time recording appHoursTracker is a fantastic bet for individuals who want to track their time using an iPhone. It’s also ideal for anyone who is simply too busy to track their time with manual entries. HorseTracker is a fab time keeping app which tracks all kinds of things, including breaks and time, as well as payment periods, earnings and expenses. The app features an easy on the eye interface with is super easy to use, and which allows you to clock in and out with ease. Or, if you’d prefer, you can set it the app so that it automatically clocks you in and out. It makes life so much simpler.

Qlaqs Timesheet Pro

Qlags Timesheet ProIt might be awkwardly named, but Qlags Timesheet Pro is a useful time recording app that allows you to track tasks, team members and projects with ease. It can display numerous times on a single screen for a variety of projects, and also lets you create quick invoices for your team members. It doesn’t, however, sync your data if you use it on both iPad and iPhone. This is a bit of a disappointment.


TogglThere is an iOS version of Toggl available, but it’s most widely used on personal computers. It’s simple enough to get a hang of, and can be hooked up with a variety of different tools and apps for enhanced productivity. Toggl is perhaps best known for its ability to provide you with reports that are amazingly detailed. If you do decide to go for the iOS version, you will need to first of all enable its widget so that clicking on appropriate icons is all you need to do to start and finish time entries.

TimeTracker Pro

Time Tracker ProTime Tracker Pro is one of the cheapest apps on this list. Despite its low price, it still comes with plenty of smart features, including cloud backups, breaking down, and precise time tracking that goes right down to the second. This app can really simplify your life, plus it can help you to save money. It is definitely a great choice.


TimelyTimely is a time recording app that offers a bit of a different approach to managing your time. It doubles up as a calendar and a time tracker for you and your team members, with the calendar integration being one of its standout features and USP’s. With this app, employees are able to plant their projects well in advance. You can then begin logging accordingly. This works well because you are then able to see how productive you truly are by comparing how much time you spent planning the project, and how much time you actually spent on working on it.


HoursHours is one of the newest timesheet app’s available to download and instal. Despite its newness, it’s actually already really popular and is seen by many as a better alternative to some of the more established names. It comes with a wealth of smart features, including detailed reports for better accountability and productivity, reminders, as well as a neat visual timeline. It’s similar to Toggl in that you can keep track of your work using just one click via a widget, and while it lacks a few of the main features that other apps on this list posses, there is a lot going for it and we expect upgrades in near future.


ATrackerATracker is an easy to use app that comes stuffed with features, including a widget which lets you check all the work you have done throughout the day. It also offers detailed reports that let you check what you spend most of your time on, and can by synced to Dropbox. It’s easily one of the best time tracking apps on the market today.