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You submitted your app to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. It swims there happily until it disappears after 12 days. Why? Because there are millions of apps in these stores and each one of them wants to be noticed, downloaded, and played/used.

The number of applications is ballooning each day; app stores are changing, developing their algorithms and the game rules. You need a better app marketing strategy or tactic if you want your app to remain relevant, visible, and get downloads. This tactic is called App Store Optimization (ASO). It is one of the major elements of mobile marketing.

What Is App Store Optimization and Why It’s Important

ASO is the process of enhancing the visibility of mobile phones apps in the app stores. This could be iOS, Google Play for Android, or iTunes. Just like SEO (search engine optimization) is for webs, ASO is for mobile apps. Specifically, ASO includes the procedure of ranking highly in app stores’ search results as well as top charts rankings. This leads to more downloads for your mobile app.

According to Forrester, over 63 percent of apps are found via store searches. This means that search in app stores is one of the most used ways for finding and downloading the latest apps.  Recently, Ankit Jain argued that the average apps’ search actually makes the highest percent of installs. This means that if you aren’t using ASO optimization to enhance your apps’ search ranking, you will miss out on the best discovery method available to your app.

With millions of apps in every app store fighting to rank higher, the worrying reality is that many developers aren’t investing in ASO.

app store search optimization benefits

What Are the Benefits of ASO?

As you have seen, ASO is quite important in ranking your apps higher. In specific, it boasts of these benefits:

  1. It’s where the action happens – Literally, more and more individuals are shifting to mobile and other smart devices for making searches, purchasing, and even making business transactions. Therefore, if you own a business, you need to be in this niche. More and more firms are going the app-way, and that is because of the evolving behavior of consumers.
  2. Be seen – To be online and not be seen is of little use. If you wish to stand out and make your mark, you need to be seen easily. And to achieve this, you need ASO which will make sure that you are easy to find.
  3. My way or the highway – Today, many individuals just find new apps to install directly by visiting the app store without having any app in mind. So it’s vital you be listed at the top for a higher chance of being discovered.
  4. Target relevant users – App store search optimization ensures that you reach the right customers. Your organization serves a specific target of individuals and it is imperative you reach them.
  5. More profit – App Store Optimization is the first step to making more profit. More visibility translates to more download and thus more users. More users translate to more business and thus more profit.

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What Are the Mechanics of ASO?

Let’s begin by listing down the various elements that might affect your ASO. First of all, the title. The keyword you place in your title should be the one with the most search traffic. Invest time researching which word is that because changing your title to include another word might be detrimental. To enhance your search rankings, you will need to know which keyword (s) is relevant and used frequently by your target viewers. It’s helpful to monitor your rivals in order to determine how you rank every week.

Despite being the most critical factors for ASO, the mere fact that the app store SEO keyword and title can be changed easily means that you may frequently optimize them.

Secondary factors:

  • A total number of downloads – The number of downloads is quite important to ASO, however, you don’t have any control over this.
  • Reviews and ratings – Also vital and hard to control. However, there are methods of incentivizing happy users to review and rate.

aso optimization guide

How Do You Improve Your ASO? App Store Optimization Tips

  • Use keywords – By now you know that having relevant app store SEO keywords will certainly enhance the search ranking of your apps.
  • Tracking – You need to always track your app ranking for its specific keywords. There are modules that make this possible.
  • The number of downloads – This number has a great impact on the success of your app. App reviews/ratings, effective media presence promote your app and boost the download. Many people download an app after they have considered the rating and review – shown from the number of downloads.
  • Rating and reviews – As we have mentioned above, people consider the reviews and rating before they download an app. For instance, a person would rather get an app that has 4 stars instead of the one with 3.5 stars. Ensure that your apps get the best review because visitors do read them.
  • App icon – Your app icon is the first thing that visitors see when they visit App Store. An icon should show what your app is all about, in the best and simplest way possible. Ensure that you have something unique or hire a professional to do it for you.
  • Screenshots – These are also some of the first elements that visitors see when they see your app in app stores. Every screenshot should have a specific message for the app and additional text should be included to clarify what every shot is about. Screenshots should be used to increase your visibility. Many people review all the shots and read the texts before they download an app.

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With the above app store optimization tips, your app will get the highest rank and thus more download. App Store optimization is a cost-effective and long-term solution option for individuals who are willing to invest their effort and time in their mobile app marketing. However, it isn’t a magical solution. It is a steady process of optimization as opposed to a one-time action that you can implement to make your app succeed.

Invest in this app store optimization strategy and get your app up there.