twitch update review

Game streaming service Twitch has made some immense changes to its apps on Android and iOS. The overhaul includes a number of features the firm said were long–requested by users. They include major functionality changes such as the ability to stream straight from a smartphone app and more aesthetic changes such as the incorporation of a dark mode. Here we will look at the good and the bad of the latest Twitch update but first, let’s talk about twitch.

Twitch is one of the leading social and community video platforms for gamers. Each day, thousands of people gather to watch, chat, and talk about common interests. This video platform is the spine of both on-demand and live distribution for all kinds of content, including the vlogging (IRL), the creative arts, the entire video game system, and more.

The Good of the Latest Twitch Update

The Twitch iOS and Android apps have always been a great platform for streaming videos, but how it is even better. At the beginning of July, the firm announced a significant new update for the iOS and Android apps, with a brand new interface as well as amazing new features.

  • New interface – The new interface features a bottom tab bar with 3 pages – Browse, Pulse, and Live. In addition, there are new swipe motions for choosing new videos, accessing playlists, returning to earlier streams, and more. The same notification feature from Twitch’s web is now in the apps, and there is a new dark mode
  • Mobile streaming – Perhaps the most significant new Twitch update is mobile streaming. Once your app accesses your microphone and camera, you may start to stream directly from your tablet or phone – no Person computer (PC) with the streaming software needed. The default setting for mobile streaming is IRL, but you may change it to another setting.
  • Twitch pulse – The update has also brought an amazing social network feed, Twitch Pulse, that keeps you in the loop on breaking news in the Twitch word through multimedia and text content, as well as enhancing links to other apps such as Vimeo and Imgur.
  • Dark mode – Twitch launched the much requested dark mode that ensures you change your viewing mode when there is more light or in dark places. The firm seems to beat YouTube with this feature as it is available for all platforms as opposed to the YouTube’s which is only available for desktops.

Without a doubt, there are lots of updates which have great content that will ensure that you simply sit down and enjoy your viewing. What has really stood out is the pulse discovery feed as well as the notification center that has really got people buzzing.  The new interface will also make it faster to find different features, including the navigation bars and swipe-based controls for selecting videos or returning to previous streams.

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In short, twitch update will ensure that you begin to see the following features once you update your smart device:

  • Dark mode – a new color setting for the various viewing experience.
  • Mobile streaming – the ability to stream straight to your broadcaster channel from your phone camera through the app with no need of charging app.
  • Navigation bars – a one-stop shop for features such as Browser, Pulse, and Live for better access to all content.
  • Swipe surfing – swiping ability for faster selection of new videos, access to playlists, return to the previous stream, and more.
  • Pulse – new content discovery and recommendation feed.
  • Instant playlist – a pool of content available by swiping down your screen.
  • Language ranking – a great feature that is popular with most people of a certain language or regions.
  • Notifications – a similar feature to that found on Twitch’s website.

new twitch update pros and cons

The Bad of the Latest Twitch Update

If you leave your phone to auto-update its apps, it will automatically update the latest updates by Twitch. These apps might disappoint you in that they have their bad side as you will see below:

  1. The UI is complicated – The setting button has been degraded to your user profile. It seems as if it wasn’t properly tested before it was launched. The developers seemed to have no cruel.
  2. The app is similar to the twitch app android for phones – Although the app is amazing, it shows that the developers didn’t invest a lot to develop a unique product. It has a lot of features but there is no need of downloading it if you already have the android twitch app.
  3. Horrible landscape mode – This app works only for portrait mode. It doesn’t work in landscape mode. It seems as if the developers just took the source code from the android app and awkwardly tried to translate it on other devices.
  4. Swiping screen to change channels – This feature is a bit off. What is even worse is that it’s a mandatory feature. At least they should have given you the choice to install it or not to. If you accidentally swipe your screen you will automatically change to a different stream channel.
  5. Volume slider has gone – As if those shortcomings aren’t enough; the developers have completely removed the volume slider.

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Other things that seem off in this twitch app iOS update include:

  • You cannot view chat and stream at the same time.
  • Everything has been clutter into three tabs.
  • The format of the followed channel has been changed.
  • Thumbnails are very time and 50 percent of the screen is purple.

As great as the earlier version of twitch might have been, it still fell short of what you are used to on the PC or desktop, especially if you are a broadcaster. Just image you hand to change apps just to stream live content. Thankfully, with the latest Twitch update, the gap has been eliminated. It has launched an app that has added some of the best features that you will ever get on this platform. For beginners, the best thing is simply direct mobile.

Without a doubt, you need to check out this Twitch update to see for yourself, make your judgment – whether the pros outweighs the cons.