The Brainstormer app is good for creative minds because it is a tactile tool that is useful in combining plot, setting, style or subject. It gives a moment for painters, writers or for any persons with creative minds. The good thing is that it supports Apple Watch.

  • the brainstormer app

This simple mind app has 3 spinning wheels that features conflict, plot, setting, theme, location and subject. If you manipulate the wheels or make random spin, you can generate combinations that create awesome creative prompts for sketching, writing or any creative activity. It combines backgrounds and archetypes attributes and also, it combines mood, place and theme. It is an attractive app that combines subjects, plots as well as styles randomly. If you want to make random spin for creative activity, sketching and others, Brainstormer is what you need because it helps you in getting the result you want.

The Brain Stormer App Pros

  • Give cornucopia ideas for persons having creative minds
  • Artist proven and time tested
  • Fully editable
  • Support Apple Watch
  • Compatible for iPhone and iPod

The Brain Stormer App Cons

  • Not free

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Who Should Use the App?

Brain stormer is good for everyone, especially if they want to spin their pictures, subjects and others that they want. If you have iPhone, iPod or any other device, then the app is what you need. It is also perfect for painters, writers or persons that have creative minds that want to make something that is unique and appealing. There are many people who install the app and you can also try to see what you get from it. It has many features that you surely love so do not miss the chance to have it in your phone. It is worth downloading and you will not be disappointed on what you get. Trying the app is a nice idea because you can spin as many subjects, plots, style or settings you want.

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