The Best Weather Apps

You really don’t want to get left out in the cold because you’ve downloaded the wrong weather app. Consider all the pros and cons of the latest forecasting apps before you choose your favorite. Join us on this countdown to the best weather app of the 10 most talked about apps.

The Best App for Weather Forecast

The thing about weather app reviews is that you need to compare and contrast then all in one place if you hope to stay dry outside. When it comes to weather app reviews, there are plenty of factors to take into consideration. What you feel is the best really depends on whether you need a smooth interface or all the data you can get your hands on.

Dark Sky

dark skyOne of the most interesting weather apps is Dark Sky. Of the vast range available, this particular app for weather forecast has been proclaimed to be the best more than perhaps any other. If you find weather app user interfaces usually tend to be little more than a few screens to swipe through, this one will change your outlook forever. It gives you an in-depth forecast for the current 24-hour period, including rainfall and temperature. You’ll get notified if adverse conditions are on the horizon, with timely predictions of when various meteorological phenomena will occur. Just try to find weather app functions more advanced than what’s on offer here.


weather app reviewsThis one is packed full of cool weather widgets that make checking the weather a real pleasure. Not only that, but it can connect with smart devices in your home like your thermostat, letting you keep an eye on your energy usage. This’ll help you save money and automatically set your room temperature according to outdoor conditions. It’s great to use if you suffer from hay fever as actually goes a step further and informs you of the most likely kinds of pollen floating around so you’ll know if your particular allergen is present outside. If you want cool weather widgets, look no further.

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Weather Live

app for weather forecastThis app is highly customizable, offering all kinds of settings which you can change depending on your local climate as well as personal preferences. If you live in a place where storms are frequent, you’ll know precisely when to take your umbrella. You can also gain an appreciation for the most recent weather patterns with Weather Live’s daily reports which come with a comparison to the weather from the day before.

Yahoo Weather

find weather appDespite Yahoo’s varying fortunes as of late, one thing they’re still doing perfectly is their weather app. It’s not as detailed as some of the apps mentioned here, but it makes up for this with a beautiful design that’s pretty much unmatched in this niche. It provides all the basic information you’d expect, including precipitation maps and hourly forecasts. The main way it stands out from the crowd is through the individualized photos used for each city in its database. If it’s style you want, Yahoo’s got you covered.


cool weather widgetsThis is another app that takes weather data really quite seriously. It gives you all the information you could possibly request, including humidity, air pressure and even a so-called real feel air temperature based on a number of factors including wind chill. The daily forecast is dealt with in a 15-day advance format so you can get the lowdown on the day’s weather up to two weeks early. This includes the ever-useful percentage chance of precipitation. Don’t forget to check out the interactive country-wide weather map for a detailed examination of how conditions are changing.


MeteoEarthThis app is packed full of information, probably more than you’ll ever really need. It has an automatic setting that runs through a detailed forecast in your area over time, but you can slow things down and analyze the data for yourself using graphs, maps and other figures. You can bring up a map of your local area and watch as all kinds of parameters are added in a great visual style. It goes way beyond the basics of what you need to dress for the weather, but you can never have too much information.

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National Weather Service

National Weather ServiceIf you’re out hiking the trails and you need a simple app that doesn’t waste any bandwidth, this is the one for you. As long as you’ve set your location beforehand, it doesn’t need GPS or anything else, making your data last longer. There’s no annoying advertising either.

Weather Wiz

Weather WizThis is one for the real weather geeks, with its amazing radar data displays as well as all the basics you’d expect from any such app. You can customize your display with different themes and there are a few widgets you can play around with too.

Perfect Weather

Perfect WeatherThis is another one for the amateur meteorological masters out there. Here’s a wealth of data to explore and it even includes up-to-date satellite images for your viewing pleasure. Given the amount of information available, it’s incredibly fast to use as well.

CARROT Weather

CARROT WeatherThis ones for those of you with a sense of humor. It offers all the accurate forecasts you need, but with a slight twist. It comes with plenty of hilarious commentary to brighten up your day even when the sun’s hiding behind the clouds.

By now, you’ve probably decided which one of these top 10 is the best weather app for your particular needs. Analyze all the pluses and minuses of each one before you make your final choice. The last thing you want to do is get caught off guard without an umbrella.

Choose the best weather app for your local area and make sure you’re always dressed for the occasion.