the best translation apps android

Today, having an effective translation app is a must. Globalization has made it possible for people from different worlds to connect and do business together. As such, for every individual, these apps are like a personal assistant. If you want to know something in a foreign language or learn a new language altogether, a translator app will assist you.

There are hundreds of translation apps android on the famous Google Play Store. You may pick anyone for your needs, but it might a little hard if you don’t have an idea about these apps. To sort this out, let’s look at the top 10 best translation apps android can offer.

Google Translate

best translation apps androidWe will start with one of the most famous apps for translating languages, the Google Translate. It is a simple and nice, go-to app that takes short time to translate the language. With almost every language included, this is a great app and even works well with an Android watch. However, to enjoy the services of this app, you will require fast internet (which is a con), otherwise, some prior planning to download your required language packs is required. With that said, an all effective, Google Translate will get your job done.


best translator app androidThis is one of the best translation apps on the market today. It is quite accurate so that you can get accurate results of about 90 languages. Sadly, it only enables you to get reasonable results if you have an idea about the language you wish to translate. With that said, it features a dictionary that has different meaning and synonyms for the same term. The app features female and male voices that help the user to listen to the translation. In short, with the aid of this application, you can simply translate voice-to-voice or text conversation in different languages.

Yandex Translate

free dictionaries for androidIf you are familiar with this Yandex firm, you will know what this Russian Company is all about, otherwise, it is ok to call it the Russian Google. Providing similar services to Google and Yahoo, this firm has its own translation app. Furthermore, it works just like you would expect with about 40 languages included as well as a fairly simple user interface that is pretty easy to use. With that said, Yandex is somehow limited in the number of languages it can translate compared to other leading apps. It is, however, very effective in translating Russian.

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Microsoft Translator

best apps for language translation androidMicrosoft app is among the best apps for language translation you will find today. It is a free product that offers over 60 languages to choose from. In fact, it enables text translation for both online and offline users. It also features a camera mode that translates screenshots and photos. Additionally, this app has all basic as well as advanced features to help you translate voice to speech and voice to voice conversations. The other feature of this app is that it offers both online and offline translation and you can save the translation. Sadly, you might need to part with a few dollars to enjoy the advanced features.

Translate Voice

translate Voice appTranslate voice is one of the few translation apps Android for voices that you will get in Google Play Store. It provides you the perfect voice translation to have the best experience ever. It translates over 80 languages over the voice and from typing text. With the aid of this product, you can translate and study languages easily. Some of the other notable features include word suggestion and spelling correction. It also saves the last translation automatically. However, its output is only limited to 44 languages (input for all languages).

Dolphin Translate

Dolphin Translate appIf you use Dolphin Browser as your primary browser on Android, then you will like this app. It is very self-explanatory and it effectively translates the page you are viewing to different languages that you will understand. Although this app is now linked to Google’s Chrome browser, it a little slow and will all hate slow things. However, you will enjoy its service when you use it on Dolphin Browser.

Easy Language Translator

Easy Language Translator appThis translator app android is pretty easy to use and offers fast results. It translates over 80 languages and is easy to learn with. What is even amazing is that it translates both the text and voice. Furthermore, you can listen to your translation while you are translating. In addition, you can use your voice to translate other voices. Add to favorites to visit it regularly. Copy your translation and even send it to your family and friends. Other key features include text to speech and speech to text. Finally, it has amazing graphics that you will enjoy. Sadly, it doesn’t save your translation automatically.

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Onscreen Translate

Onscreen Translate appThis is an Android app that hasn’t been updated for a while (the main con) but it still works effectively and is a great way to get translation no matter the app you are using. It is one of the best ways if you are communicating with people all over the world and you don’t want to change your apps every now and then. It is very simple, work well, and there is nothing much to complain about it.

Reversion Translation Dictionary

Reversion Translation Dictionary appLearn thousands of terms and immediate translation for over 11 languages with one of the best dictionaries for Android – the reversion translation diction.  User-friendly interface and intuitive design make it pretty easy to use. It is suitable for both professional and beginners and offers vocabulary list according to your personal choice of translations and examples. In addition, it boasts of offline features that enable you to access it even when you are on the go. Sadly, the product doesn’t translate lots of languages.

Copy Translate

Copy Translate appThis is an updated model of Onscreen Translate, and it is very easy to use. Just switch to your app and hit copy, you will be provided a translation of the highlighted terms. This is a great app for learners who have found a term that they don’t understand or if you are reading a story with foreign works thrown in between the paragraph. Sadly, it doesn’t translate voice.

In your daily life, you might come across a word or phrase that you don’t understand. For instance, sometimes you might need to read something written in a language that you don’t understand or simply want to learn a foreign language. Due to this, you need translator app to help you through a hard time. Therefore, choose any of the above translation apps Android and you will be good to go.

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