Not so long ago it would have been unthinkable that you could look after your finances using an application on mobile platforms. Nowadays, it’s just not just the big banks who offer mobile apps to help you take care of your finances. You can now find apps that help you to budget pretty much any aspect of your life. When you choose the right apps you can easily work out how much you can afford to spend on various things, allowing you to make significant savings in all the right places.

What Are the Most Useful Apps for Budgeting?

If you want to make your money stretch further so that you can afford all the important things that count the most, you need to hunt down and master the use of the latest and greatest financial planning app. Which apps for budgeting are best for you depends on your individual circumstances and requirements, so read on to find out all about your options.

  • Prosper Daily. Not a day goes by when some kind of hacking attack hasn’t occurred somewhere in the world. Oftentimes, financial institutions find themselves at the mercy of such unscrupulous types and this can leave you vulnerable. If you’re looking to protect your credit and debit cards from fraudulent purchases, then try this one. This app alerts you to any unanticipated behavior so that you can dispute the charge with your credit company and the merchant in question. You’ll even get alerts if you’ve recently purchased at an establishment that has since become a target for hacking. Try it now and learn why prevention really is the best cure to any ailment.
  • Level Money. It’s perfect fro you if you’re looking to make sure you don’t blow your budget before your next pay check. As each month begins, it creates a bar with your estimated income minus any bills and other expected expenditure. Then, you can work out how much disposable income you have per day if you want to save a certain, predetermined amount. The visual display of this useful app makes it easier than ever to get a true measure of how much you can afford to spend relative to what you’ve earned over the past month.
  • Acorn. One of the cleverest apps to help you make the most of your financial assets. This nifty app rounds up every card purchase you make to the nearest dollar, letting you put this spare change in an easy-to-use investment portfolio. You don’t even need any previous experience with investing. Just let these tiny amounts grow into significant profits over time. You can choose which kinds of things to invest in depending on your own personal interests and risk appetite.
  • Goodbudget. If you’re prone to spending your money all over the place, you’re surely looking for something that lets you spend on wide range of things while ensuring you allocate enough to each category. Use it to help you split your funds up into different pots for various activities. When you plan ahead like this, you’ll never spend more than you intended on one particular aspect of your life. You can even share your data across devices so you and your significant other can budget as a family. Another good app from Google is Google Wallet.

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Here’s What to Do If You Need Extra Help

Sometimes the individual features of all these useful apps mentioned above are not enough to help you keep all your finances on track. If you need something that is all-inclusive and automated almost to the point of looking like wizardry, then try Mint. This indispensable app gathers all of your financial data in one place and in real time. It analyzes your recent spending and sorts this activity into relevant categories, allowing you to see just where you’re going wrong as well as what you’re doing right. All your data is shown in a simple graphical format that makes financial decision making as easy as pie.

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Yet another ingenious app is called Digit. It takes your recent spending and earnings into account before it calculates how much you can afford to siphon off into a separate account rather than going ahead and inadvertently spending. These seemingly insignificant sums of money soon add up to worthwhile values that you’ll be glad to have saved. You’ll be saving money you didn’t even realize you could.

The optimal situation is one in which you quite literally get the most bang for your buck through making more efficient choices with the help of a financial planning app like one of these. If you’re a little apprehensive about using a money-related application on mobile devices, that’s perfectly understandable. Fortunately, the best apps make use of the latest in encryption technology so your data is safe and sound.

Make the most of your phone or tablet by downloading a top financial application on mobile. Make easy and clever savings so you can spend more on what matters.