The Best Launcher Apps

Despite the immense popularity of Apple’s iOS with its simplistic and straightforward interface, sometimes you need something a little different. Check out the latest offerings for Android and you’ll discover the best launcher app for your specific tastes. There’s so much you can do with some customization.

Which Is the Best Launcher for Mobile?

You can perform all manner of interesting tasks when you find the launcher for mobile platforms like the various incarnations of Android. You can change the color and style of your phone’s operating system in some unbelievable ways when you choose the best theme launcher that fits your personal preferences. The answer to the question of the best theme launcher is really quite subjective, but there are a few common ideas that have proven to be true for all the best ones.

Smart Launcher Pro 3

Smart Launcher Pro 3This app is a great choice for first-time launcher users as it gently introduces all its various features. As you run through the initial setup you begin to customize your phone right away by picking your favorite music, photo and dialer apps from those you’ve already installed. The result is a home screen with six apps determined by your previous choices. This is considered by many to be the best app launcher by far, but it’s certainly not the only one worth trying out.

Arrow Launcher

launcher for mobileFor a fair few people, this wouldn’t qualify as being the best app launcher, but it has plenty to say for itself. Although it eschews style in favor of function, this isn’t really a bad thing at all. This is a Windows launcher that has been developed with the business world in mind, so you’ve got a home screen that can be used for reminders and is linked to Wunderlist to make sure you get things done.

Apex Launcher

best theme launcherThis is the king of customization, offering a vast wealth of themes including icon packs and more. If you tap once, you’ll get to your home screen as usual, but tap twice and you can go anywhere you like. The only concern is that it hasn’t been updated in awhile.


best app launcherThis is one of those launchers which attempts to offer a happy medium between the cheap-looking, poorly functioning basic ones and those which are almost too full of features and options. Probably the most useful feature of this app is the option to lock certain apps and content so that unauthorized users cannot gain access.

Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher PrimeMany people consider this to be the best thing to hit the market since sliced bread. It’s true that there’s a near endless number of customizable settings. You can do almost anything you can think of when you use it, including a number of new gestures beyond the simple tap and swipe. Although a paid version exists, if you’re looking for plenty of custom features, it’s well worth the money. This is not to mention that Nova is frequently updated and the latest iteration has just been released.

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Hexy Launcher

Hexy LauncherThe makers of this one believe that simplicity is the path to greatness, and perhaps they’re right. You can access every single app you own on a single screen. This might sound complex, but it’s really very easy to use. Your apps will be categorized by type and arranged in a map-like format that’s a joy to use and great for when you’re in a rush. There aren’t any themes or specific settings to play with, but who really needs them?

Action Launcher

Action LauncherThis is the one for Google purists who want a little leeway to play around but don’t really want to do away with the original feel of their phone completely. It adds all the new functions that Google releases as and when they come out, so you’re constantly up to date with the latest innovations. It looks minimalistic at times, but there’s really a great deal of power under the hood.

Google Now Launcher

Google Now LauncherFor those who want to stick with Google all the way, their own-brand launcher certainly does the job. If you’ve got a Nexus, you’ll know that this is already present on your phone. If not, it’s time to get it and give it a go. Given the release of Google Pixel, it’s not clear where things are going, but this is a great launcher to try out if you want simplicity and guaranteed compatibility with your phone.

Turbo Launcher

Turbo LauncherAside from all the usual functions you’d expect from a launcher, this has been designed to speed up your phone. It’s a reasonably smoothly running choice and it may well make your phone run a little faster if you’ve clogged it up with all manner of processor power-sapping apps and widgets.

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C Launcher

C LauncherThis is a great choice for those of you who have finally taken the plunge and gone for an Android instead of an Apple device. There are several features you might have come to miss during your transition and this launcher brings back a few iOS functions to soothe your nostalgia.


ThemerIf you want to achieve a great custom theme but don’t want to deal with the micromanagement of every little aspect of it, this is the option you’ve been looking for. You can generate an entirely new theme in just a few taps of the screen.

When you’re looking for the best launcher app, it’s hard to know where to start with the vast range of styles on offer. Try these top 10 and see how far you can go with them. You never know, you might end up designing your very own theme one day.

Find the best launcher app for your needs when you consider all 10 here. Download the right one and make your phone truly unique.