The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is a sought after annual event held by Apple, Inc. in California. The conference is used by the company in displaying new technologies and software for developers, who can join labs facilitated by Apple’s engineers. They also have the chance to participate in sessions, which can give them vast knowledge on multiple technology and software topics that prove useful in their fields. The yearly conference invites between 2,000 and 4,200 participants until 2007 and more than 5,000 in 2007.


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WWDC 2016 Stats

  • 100 billion app downloads in the App Store in 2015
  • 13 million developers building apps
  • 1,300 video channels for tvOS (operating system for the latest Apple TV boxes)
  • 2 million developers added in the last year alone

Apple TV Updates

  • People can now use their iPhone as a remote controller
  • Playing on an iPhone gyroscope to play games on Apple TV is now possible
  • Apple TV is adding more channels

MacOS Sierra Updates

  • No more passwords in auto unlocking your Mac
  • Added universal clipboard functionality
  • Users can now watch video PiP on any screen
  • Users can pin Siri results to their notification center

iOS 10 Updates

  • Lock screen has been redesigned
  • Now a bigger area for music on the lock screen
  • Users can now message on the lock screen
  • Redesigned lock screen–now with 3d touch

Definitely, there is more coming, knowing that the tech giant never stops amazing us with their brilliance, especially in terms of developing and finding more ways to make our lives easier and more convenient with the aid of technology and software.

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