My Talking Tom is the #1 app in 135 countries. With it, you can take good care of your pet, name him as well as to become part of your daily life by playing with him, nurturing him and feeding him. You can also buy any dress that you want and the app has wide selection of accessories and fur colors. You can decorate his home, play with him and watch him growing.

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Some of the features of the app is that it includes more than ten mini games, which include planet hop, bubble shooter, happy connect and much more. You can earn gold coins and buy anything you want for him. You can check out your friends, look for other treasure chests to get coins. Tom also emotions like happy, bored, sleepy and hungry. The app was updated last July 11, 2016 and it has 100 million installs. Read more in this Talking Tom App review.

Talking Tom App Pro

  • Interact with tom
  • Play games for free
  • Installation is free
  • Easy to manage
  • It is certified
  • Personalize content

Talking Tom App Cons

  • Younger children can’t share their details

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Who Should Use the App?

My Talking Tom app is perfect for children and adults. It offers mini games that are suitable of all ages and it is compatible to major devices such as Android devices.

Cat talking tom is a good app because it gives you the chance to play with him, dress him up and nurture him. The app also contains games that you surely want to try. Talking tom already gets many installations and if you still do not have it, you can try to see what it gives to you. The last time it was updated, the app becomes better and it fixes some minor issues. Install the app and know what you can have with it!

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