Story Tracker app allows you to track your novels, stories, poems, articles and scripts easily. The details are all right there on your iPod, iPad or iPhone. If you are working as hobbyist or freelance writer, it is a good app for you. Story Trackers gives you the chance to track your submissions of all your novels, screenplays and much more.

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Using it allows you to add information for every story, which includes word count, notes, genre and title. You can view submission history for every story, use embedded browser to check for market sites, launch phone calls and emails directly and others. What is new in the version is that it added iOS 9 support and iPad pro support. The app was updated last January 15, 2016

Story Tracker App Pros

  • The app full version is good for tracking submissions, tracking queries and others
  • The app allows you to sort by deadlines, categories and individual markets

Story Tracker App Cons

  • There is no negative review

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Who Should Use the App?

Graduate students, creative writers, bloggers and freelancers can use the app in tracking their essays. For people who always want to be updated on the essays or articles they have submitted online, they can use the app. It can be their lifesaver so that they will be updated and stay organized all the time. Story Tracker is an app for writers because it helps them a lot in checking their essays, articles, novels, scripts and more. No other app can beat it, especially when it is updated. If you want to have the app, you need to make sure that your device is supported or else it will be useless to download the app if your phone cannot support it. Overall, Story Tracker is a one of a kind mobile app that you can try anytime you want.

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