start meeting vs gotomeeting vs join me

More and more businesses are hiring workers remotely, organising conference calls and connecting on Skype. For this reason, an app that improves connectivity and online meetings is downright essential. Which is exactly why the StartMeeting vs GoToMeeting vs JoinMe argument is hotting up.

With three popular audio conferencing and web meeting apps to choose from, how do you decide which is the best for you and your business? Which ones are going to make your meetings more efficient, and which ones are going to waste even more of your time by malfunctioning because “technology!!!”?

From custom greetings to file sharing, these apps are crammed with their own special features – as well as a few cons. Join us as we take a look at which is best:


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GoToMeeting vs JoinMe vs StartMeeting


start meeting vs gotomeeting

StartMeeting is a really popular web and audio conferencing service that comes with a whole host of pro tools that enhance screen sharing and business conferences. Getting started is really easy once you’ve downloaded the app, and you can invite up to people as you want into your live conference calls for just $19.95 per month. If you want up to 1,000 seats, you’d have to pay $349.95 a month.

But how does StartMeeting measure up vs GoToMeeting vs JoinMe?


  • Comes with a neat radio function
  • Generous amount of features
  • Compatible with the iPad
  • Simple to download and share
  • Great for hosting seminars and conferences


  • No face-to-face video calls
  • User interface is a little complicated and not wholly attractive
  • Settings are not easy to locate
  • No remote viewing


gotomeeting vs joinme

JoinMe’s slogan is “you’re just one click away from a free instant meeting,” which makes it sound super attractive. It aims to make online meetings more efficient than ever by cutting out wasted times, unavailable meting rooms and a lack of focus. They are the fastest growing web conferencing solution in the world at present, and the app is available in almost 50 countries. There is a free version and a paid version, and the app is already in use by millions of users worldwide.

But how does JoinMe fare vs StartMeeting vs GoToMeeting?


  • It comes with a free version
  • No hidden costs
  • Interface is incredibly simple
  • Shares screens super fast
  • Saves you money
  • Customer support is awesome
  • Stress-free meetings


  • Mobile use is limited
  • A few bugs remain, such as video delays
  • The free version is limited and might leave you hanging – for example, you can’t schedule audio meets unless you subscribe
  • Limited annotation capabilities


joinme vs gotomeeting

GoToMeeting have a pretty impressive tagline: “Meetings In The Palm Of Your Hand.”

But perhaps the most impressive thing about this online meeting app is that you don’t even need a computer to organise a conference – indeed, you can do everything on your smart phone or tablet.

You can start or attend sessions from wherever you are, and while there are no free options the most basic package starts out at just £19 per month. This doesn’t come with a free trial, but the Pro and Plus meetings do. The most advanced package (Plus) costs £34 per month.

But how does GoToMeeting compare vs JoinMe and vs StartMeeting?


  • You don’t need a computer
  • The Pro and Plus packages come with a “try before you buy” policy
  • Launch meetings in just one click
  • Start online meetings from email, MS Office or any instant messaging tool
  • Schedule in advance or meet right away
  • HD video conferencing ability
  • Awesome audio software


  • Some of its paid features are free on rival apps
  • Free version is super limited
  • No BlueTooth support
  • Potential for mic issues when using speakerphone
  • Mobile version doesn’t let you record your sessions

In conclusion in the GoToMeeting vs JoinMe vs StartMeeting debate, the app you choose is going to come down to exactly what you need most from an online meeting and conference call app. If you don’t need a computer, GoToMeeting might be ideal, while StartMeeting covers all the bases when it comes to features.

Hopefully, we’ve helped to narrow down your choice. All that’s left now is to make those calls and organise those meetings.