Squarespace app ReviewA lot of people have been taking a recent interest in building their own websites for their own businesses as well as a wealth of personal reasons. It’s time to consider the capabilities of the most talked-about website building apps and app startup around. Check out this Squarespace review and see if it’s suitable for your needs.

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Is the Squarespace App Really the Best?

Plenty has been said about the Squarespace app so let’s take a look and see if it passes muster.

  • The most obvious thing about the Square Space mobile app is that it’s clearly capable of very simply letting you drag and drop various components, thus making a template into a sleek and professional website that’s suited exactly to your needs.
  • Despite being template based, it’s an extremely flexible app that gives you many more options than the closest competitor. It even comes with a 2-week trial period for you to make your mind up.

Choice Isn’t Always Good

  • This sounds unusual to say, but it’s almost as if the Square Space mobile app gives you too many choices to make. Although it’s good to have a high degree of control, if you’re not artistically minded, you may find the number of options a little hard to cope with.
  • On the flip side, it sometimes automatically moves your mobile design around to optimize it for mobile screens. You may or may not consider this a bad thing.
  • Also, Squarespace Start app will only allow you to work with a new website. If you have already created a website on this platform, you’ll only be able to curate it through your desktop computer.

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The main purpose of this Squarespace review is to quickly cut through the marketing and see the app for what it is. Ultimately, most of the hype is justified, but nothing is perfect.

You can see from this Squarespace review that you won’t go far wrong if you choose this app for your website. Make the most of the free trial when you download it now.