Square Register app ReviewEvery business could do with a decent point of sale app to help keep track of sales and inventory counts. Make the most of this Square Register review and see how one of the mobile app startups could fit in with your plans.

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Pros of the Square Register App

  • The most attractive aspect of using the Square Register app has to do with the very reasonable costs associated with it. Most similar apps run a monthly fee-based system, but the Square mobile app is happy enough to use a flat rate model and it doesn’t require that you process a minimum volume of sales either.
  • Another great function of the Square mobile app involves its advanced analytical capabilities which help you to identify what you’re doing right and where you could improve.
  • Access real-time sales data and complete sales history.
  • Track inventory in real time.

Cons of Using the App

While it’s a great idea to at least consider using Square for business, there are a number of drawbacks to which you would be wise to pay attention.

  • The first is that the developers are very risk averse and will terminate the account of any business that falls even remotely foul of their high standards.
  • There have also been some reports of issues with account stability when using Square for business, so it’s always worth bearing in mind whether this is a risk worth taking.

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Owing to the wealth of the positive aspects of this app, you can still think of this Square Register review as being in favor of it. Just make sure you consider the downsides before choosing this particular app.

After analyzing all the pros and cons of this Square Register review, you’re ready to make a choice. Download the app and see what it’s all about.