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The SoundCloud app is one of the most downloaded apps in the music and audio category. There are now millions of people using it and to date has now over 100,000,000 installs. If you’re a music lover, then you can depend on the app that can let you listen to your favorite songs, including jazz, classical and hip hop, among others without any hassles.

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SoundCloud Music Pros

There are many advantages of using this app, especially if you’re a music lover. With it, you can discover trending and new music that you won’t find anywhere else. It can let you listen to your favorite artists and tracks from a wide range of countries, artists and genres. The app also lets you connect with your favorite artists in order to listen to what they share as well as connect with your friends also using the app.

The app SoundCloud can also let you enjoy your listening experience by personalizing your music so that you can listen to it later. It also lets you create playlists for different purposes, including parties, workouts and work. Thus, it lets you create the mood you need for every activity or event in your life. From the lock screen, you can also pause, play or skip tracks. The power is all yours! And if you want to take listening experience to the next level, then you can upgrade to the SoundCloud Go version and enjoy all the features offered by the top app.

Overall, there are plenty of features that users can look forward to when using this app. In fact, you can also ‘listen offline’ with or without signal.

SoundCloud Mobile App Cons

In this SoundCloud review, let’s highlight some cons, including the app’s access to find accounts on the device and ability to delete or modify USB storage contents.

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Who Should Use This App?

Anyone who loves listening to music should use this app Soundcloud so that they can access their favorite music anytime, anywhere, even when they are offline.

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