soulver review

Soulver is dubbed as the best scientific calculator apps today because it allows quick calculations using an iPad or an iPhone. The app lets users work with numbers in a fun and easy way than using the good old calculator. The app is developed by Acqualia Software. Using it, users can write out their problem and see their answers while typing. If they made a mistake, users do not have to start from scratch because they can edit their expressions, just like on a text editor.

  • soulver review

Soulver Pros

Soulver App ProsBeing one of the best iPhone apps 2016, Soulver app lets users write their problems and see their answers in real time, and when they need to edit, they can do it straight on the app. They can also do calculations in multiple lines and then change any of them anytime. They can also use words together with their number, one good function for comparing different scenarios.

Soulver App ProsThe financial calculator app also works great for doing quick percentages and adding things up, saving users time and allowing them to save their work when they are done. Additionally, they can synchronize their answers on their Dropbox or iCloud devices.

Soulver App ProsIt also lets users see a running total of all their lines. It also has keyboard that has big buttons, which are perfect for quick calculations.

Soulver Cons

Soulver App ConsSome users find the interface a bit confusing in the beginning, but they noted that it is quite easy to deal with as they go along and become used to using it for their math.

Who Should Use Soulver?

People in the finance sector can use this currency converter app because it lets them do quick calculations without any hassles. The app is also useful for students and teachers that want an intelligent calculator that does most of the things they need for their math subjects. Mothers and all people who want to keep track of their numbers, including their budgets can also make use of this very handy app.