Snip Snap app ReviewSaving coupons is one of the simplest and most fun ways to spend a little less on your shopping. Some people even make it a way of life. Consider this Snip Snap review as we run through the pros and cons of this coupon and budget planner app.

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Pros of the Snip Snap App

  • One of the major features that makes the Snip Snap app possibly the best app for coupons is that users can share all the coupons they’ve scanned. If you help people out by showing them where to get the best deals, they’ll surely pay you back in kind.
  • Another wonderful aspect that may give this the crown for being the best app for coupons is that it’ll send a notification your way whenever you’re shopping at a location for which you’ve collected coupons.
  • You will get notified when your coupons’ expiration dates are approaching.

The Cons of This Coupon Clipping App

  • There is one single downside to using this online coupon app, namely that it provides coupons for use with retailers rather than the makers of specific products. This means you’ll have to go to a particular store for your coupon to be valid, instead of being able to use it wherever the product in question is in stock. Despite this, you can’t really ask much more of an online coupon app.
  • However, there’s been a lot off complaints from the users that the app often crashes and coupons disappear.

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Think about the pros and cons of this coupon app as mentioned here in this Snip Snap review. See if it can save you a few dollars on your groceries.

This fair and balanced Snip Snap review is certainly on the side of the app, but the choice is ultimately yours. Check it out right away and start saving.