Slacker vs Songza vs Spotify

Which Music Streaming App Should You Download out of Slacker vs Songza vs Spotify?

In 2016, listening to, sharing and discovering new music has never been this easy or this convenient. Instead of loading up a CD into a stereo, we can now tap one or two buttons on our device and have a whole world of music at our feet.

Streaming apps such as Spotify, Songza and Slacker have changed the way we listen to music, and each app has its own pros and cons. But can Songza and Slacker really offer anything that Spotify can’t?

To help you decide which app is the right one for you, let’s take a look at the ultimate music battle: Slacker vs Songza vs Spotify.

TuneIn vs iHeart vs Pandora

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slacker vs songza

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Slacker is a radio app that is totally free to download. With this app, users get access to the kind of curated music programming that is impossible to find elsewhere. Stations can be easily customised so that you only hear the type of music you love, while included among the stations are comedy shows, news shows, sports shows, and of course – music shows.

Slacker pride themselves on offering something different to the competition. Although they’re not the household name that Spotify are, they offer an intriguing package that is going to appeal to some of you. The fact that you can customise your own music stations and get access to over 300 hand-crafted stations is a huge USP.  There are three listening plans available, starting out with a free plan that allows you to skip up to 6 songs per hour.

But how does this app measure up vs Spotify vs Songza?


  • Free to download
  • Subscription service gives you access to millions of songs
  • Subscription service costs just $10 per month
  • Easy and quick access to hundreds of different stations and shows
  • User friendly interface
  • Comes with an array of social listening options


  • Second rate cover songs are occasionally played
  • Can be confusing to use and get your head around
  • Doesn’t have as much connectivity as some of its rivals
  • The free plan isn’t all that great


songza vs slacker

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Unlike Slacker, Songza is 100% free and doesn’t come with a premium plan. While this is certainly good news for those of you who are operating on a budget, it also means that there is no way of removing ads.  Supported by the iPad and many other devices, Songza gives you access to themed playlists that have been curated by the creators. With these playlists, you can search for artists, comb through genres, or rely on the Music Concierge which will play you songs according to the time of the day or your mood.  Songza is a really cool way of discovering new music. It has its limitations, though.

How does it compare vs Slacker vs Spotify?


  • Audio quality is super crisp
  • Music can be selected according to time of the day and your mood
  • Lots of themed playlists to choose fromLots of HQ features, including some new ones
  • Recommendation engine works a treat


  • You won’t be able to listen to individual albums
  • No lyrics available
  • You won’t be able to create your own playlists or edit existing ones
  • Too many ads and no way of removing them
  • Can seem limited compared to rivals


songza vs spotify

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Streaming apps come and go, but one service that has remained a constant household name over the years is the rather brilliant Spotify. Arguably one of the best music streaming apps on the market, Spotify has lost a few fans recently thanks to a number of high-profile artists removing their music. But Spotify is still a major player. You can access it from your computer or smartphone, and there are two plans available: Free or Premium. If you opt for the free version you will have to put up with adds, while the $9.99 per month Premium plans gives you access to albums before they have even been released. And because there are an astonishing 20 million songs to listen to, it remains one of the most popular apps out there.

But how does it fare vs Songza vs Slacker?


  • Free version available
  • Home to 20,000,000 tracks
  • You can download music and then listen to it offline
  • Premium version comes without ads
  • Subscription can be cancelled anytime


  • New updates can slow the app down
  • Freezing becomes an issue once new updates are ready
  • Some bugs still haven’t been eliminated 4 million tracks still haven’t been listened to by anyone which suggests some of its 20 million tracks are too niche

The music streaming app you download is going to come down to what you need. If you want help discovering new music without having to do much work, Songza is your best bet. Slacker, meanwhile, is ideal if you want more than just music, while Spotify remains the top dog when it comes to selecting your own tracks, making playlists and listening to as much music as you want.