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Now with more than 50,000,000 installs, Slacker radio is indeed one of the most downloaded apps in the music and audio category. It was developed by Slacker Inc in order to give users a free access to music programming that gives the chance to customize their listening experience with their favorite stations, countdowns and artists. Let us find out more about it in this Slacker review.

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Slacker Internet Radio Pros

The app gives users the ability of customizing their music, along with their top pick sports, news and comedy programs. It also provides them with the chance to not only listen but also download their favorite stations. For everyone’s convenience, the app also allows offline listening, providing users with the chance to listen to their favorite radio stations on a data-free mode. Users appreciate that the app gives them free access to the music they love without any hassles and lets them access over hundreds of handcrafted music stations.

There are also hosted music shows each week and unique sports and news programming. With the app, the power is truly in the hands of the users. Now, the new version also has the widget to prompt you to lock your device and there is a navigation added to the app, letting you go to the home page easier and faster.

Slacker Radio App Cons

Remember that the app, just like other apps do, ask for permissions. When you installed the app, it will have access to read sensitive data log as well as to add or remove accounts. It may also have the access to your identity and find accounts on your device.

Who Should Use This App?

Music lovers, students and professionals who want to keep themselves inspired to get through the daily grind should use this app, which lets them customize their music and listen to news, sports and comedy shows all in one place.

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Download and install Slacker App radio today!