slack app review

Slack app is a cloud based collaboration tool that is founded by Eric Costello, Stewart Butterfiled, Sergui Mourachov and Cal Henderson. The app began as internal tool that used the company of the founders and it is now being updated.

  • slack app review

Slack App Review Pros

  • Notifications: You can turn off your notifications, especially for noisy rooms
  • Web page: The app is a Mac client web page that is wrapped in the Safari making it very powerful. With the app, you have the chance to play SoundCloud tracks, YouTube videos as well as know anything that it gives. You can change CSS if there is something that annoys you and to inspect element.
  • If you want to search for something, what you just need to so is to type “/s <query>” in message box
  • The app has canonicalization such as “testing -> tests”
  • Slack mobile app has emoji support having autocompletion
  • Give chance to migrate to Slack if you are using Campfire or HipChat through importing logs
  • Slack gives numerous integrations like Phabricator, GitHub, Asana, Dropbox, Google Docs, PagerDuty and much more
  • It is polished incredibly
  • Users can send feedback with their client by typing “/feedback [message]”
  • It has enough funding

Slack App Cons

Slack app review will help you to know about the cons aside from the good features of it.

  • It shows notifications that will be indicated in red dot, however it does not obey notification settings that is why you can always see the red dot even if you will turn off your notifications
  • It has poor readability and you can switch to the compact code, however, the colored names and alignment will interrupt such flow
  • Slack features are hidden under different icons and dropdowns

Who Should Use the App?

Business or any other persons that want to have conversation with clients or colleagues can use the app. You can directly upload files using the app. If you want to chat with other persons, you must try Slack.

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