Ski Tracks app ReviewMuch like the other apps of its genre, this program keeps an eye on all the most important statistics as you whiz down the slopes at record speed. Make use of this Ski Tracks review and see if it’s got the chops when it comes to analyzing your latest runs.

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Pros of the Ski Tracks App

  • One of the most impressive aspects of the Ski Tracks app is that it is demonstrably capable of detecting when each run starts and finishes.
  • The app knows when you’re on a ski lift and automatically starts a new run accordingly.
  • For a ski mobile app, it has plenty of parameters to keep you interested and informed, including altitude, gradient and vertical ascent.
  • It also makes note of your average and maximum speeds. These statistics are converted into handy graphs to help you out everything into context, arguably making this a perfect ski tracker.

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  • The major downside of this ski mobile app is that you have to put your money on the table. It is only 99 cents though, so it’s a bargain if you’ve been disappointed by some of the free ski tracker apps out there.

Who Should Use This App

If you’re seeing skiing as a serious sport, want to improve your skill and keep track of your progress – this is the app for you. This Ski Tracks review has hopefully helped you on your way to making a decision about which one to choose among the variety of apps for skiing. Don’t let the price put you off as it really is a stellar app.

Take this Ski Tracks review into account and check out the app for yourself. It’s available for download right now.