Ski and Snow Report App Review

Does the Ski and Snow Report app do what it says on the can, or is it all a load of hot air? Find out more about all the pros and cons of this weather reporting service below.

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Pros of This Ski Report Mobile App

  • When you’re looking for the latest ski & snow report, you need accurate data in a simple and easy-to-understand format. That’s what this app does best.
  • There are no gimmicks or flashy junk to distract you from what’s important.
  • You can simply compare one ski & snow report with a number of other nearby resorts to make your choice of piste easier than ever.

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Cons of the App

Everything has a downside and this ski report mobile app is no different.

  • The weather reports for some resorts are taken from measurements sourced at slightly different locations from those advertised. This is obviously due to the constraints of placing measurements beacons appropriately for proper use and not really the fault of the app makers, but it is nevertheless a real problem when it comes to altitude discrepancies.
  • Another thing worth mentioning is that some European locations aren’t deemed worthy of inclusion in the app’s database. This’ll be an issue if you want to check out the slopes somewhere other than the most well-publicised resorts.

If you need an alternative weather information source, you could do worse than using the Ski and Snow Report app. Consider the pros and cons carefully and make the right choice for your needs. Or see the list of best snowboarding apps.

This Ski and Snow Report app may be just what you’re looking for. Choose your slopes based on the best information and you’ll have a great time.