Shopkick app ReviewBest home finance app comes in many shapes and forms, but it’s a good bet that most don’t reward you simply for entering a store and checking out a product with no purchase necessary. This app purports to do precisely that, so check out this Shopkick review and see where the land lies.

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How to Use Shopkick

This app is pretty easy to get to grips with, and learning how to use Shopkick is a painless matter. You enter participating stores which have a sound system emitting at an inaudible frequency that only your phone can detect. You gain points from entering stores this way and by using the Shopkick barcode scanner on particular products. There’s no real issue with recognizing any compatible Shopkick barcode as the app works pretty much like a standard scanner.

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The pros of the Shopkick app are pretty obvious.

  • You get points for entering stores and browsing around, which you can then exchange for money off various goods and services.
  • You don’t even need to waste your phone battery by keeping your GPS signal constantly activated; the Shopkick app works differently as you’ve read above.


  • The main issue with using Shopkick is that you will find yourself suffering from connectivity issues from time to time, leaving you without some of the points you earned. You’ll see from user reviews that this is by far the most off-putting problem with the app.

Consider this Shopkick review before you make your final choice. It’s rather a unique offering as far as rewards apps go, so you would do well to give it a go.

Examine the pros and cons expounded in this Shopkick review and consider whether it’s the app for you.